Tiny Woods – incredible three-year-old golfer with one arm

It’s TINY Woods – the three-year-old boy who can drive a golf-ball 100 yards with ONLY ONE ARM.

Inspirational Tommy Morrissey was born without a fully-developed right arm – which doctors think was caused by a blood clot he suffered in the womb.

But nothing can stop Tommy and his passion for golf and he is turning heads and bringing fellow players to tears, all before turning FORE.

One Armed Golfer

Tommy Morrissey hits a drive

The toddler from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, got into the swing at the age of 18-months-old when parents Joe and Marcia-Lee found him watching the golf channel alone.

Joe, 44, said: “Most kids want to watch cartoons but not Tommy.

“One day we walked in and he was emulating the players’ swings so I just had to get him some clubs.

“Instead of having stuffed toys in his crib, he used to sleep with his golf clubs.

“One night we forgot his driver and he refused to go to sleep without it.”

One Armed Golfer

Tommy uses only his left hand when playing – and can hit it over 100 yards

With their house only a decent tee-shot away from the homes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, maybe it was fate Tommy would have a gift for golf.

As soon as he was old enough, Joe and Marcia-Lee, 37, took him down to the Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club where they are both members.

There you will find all three of them hitting some balls on the driving range or out having lessons.

Proud dad Joe said: “When Tommy is really focused though he can hit the ball 100 yards straight and clean.

One Armed Golfer

Tommy picture with his mum Marcia-Lee

“Because of that sometimes it’s difficult to remember he’s just a toddler.

“Then there are times when we have to go back to a hole because he left his Matchbox cars there.

“He’s usually good for about five or six holes and then he wants to ride on the back of the buggy.

“We’ve had professionals tell us they’ve never seen anything like it – he really is beyond unique.”

One Armed Golfer

Tommy has been dubbed Tiny Woods

Prodigy Tommy is still a normal three-year-old though and has even named his right arm Nemo after the film where the clown fish has one weak fin.

Joe said: “His arm is both a gift and a challenge but he doesn’t know he has either one.

“All Tommy wants to do is play golf, even when he’s not thinking about it.

“We’ll be sat in the club and he’ll be colouring in and then all of a sudden he’ll pipe up and ask if we can go to the range.