Talk about a deer in headloghts… jaywalking deer miraculously survives unscathed after being hit by truck and doing 15ft somersault

A jay-walking deer miraculously survived unscathed after being thrown 15 FEET and landing on its back after being hit by an SUV.

Deer Near Miss

The dopey doe was part of a daredevil duo trying to cross an interstate near Springdale, Ohio, USA, when it was clipped.

Having decided to cross in front of three lanes of cars, the deer attempted to leap over the bonnet of the white truck.

Deer Near Miss

Unable to clear the whole vehicle, the animal’s hind legs were hit, forcing the deer into a full somersault across the tarmac.

Incredibly having landed flat on its back, the deer instantly stands up again and runs off across the rest of the street apparently unhurt.

Deer Near Miss

Mike Morris, who caught the accident on his dash camera, said: “It was amazing – the deer just ran off.

“It didn’t look like it was hurt, but I’d be surprised if its legs weren’t injured.

“Fortunately the cars had only just started accelerating and were only going around 10mph.

Deer Near Miss

“Even then the deer seemed to panic and tried to jump over the SUV.

“Incredibly despite getting hit, it ran off into the woods next to the road closely followed by its partner.”