Paws for the camera: Meet Bella Boo the dog who can balance stacks of treats on her nose without even flinching

Is this disciplined dog the next YouTube sensation? Meet Brilliant Bella Boo, the persistent cocker spaniel that NOSE how to do a trick or two.

Pictured balancing huge stacks of treats on the bridge of her nose, the defiant dog shows astonishing self-control, barely moving a muscle while she poses for the camera.

Talented Bella Boo

Talented pooch, Bella, balancing a stack of treats on her nose

Where most other canines would make a dog’s dinner of the balancing act, Bella, two, is able to pull off the incredible trick with zen-like focus.

The patient pooch is no one-trick pony though. Having trained her from a young pup, dog lover Victoria Lyons, 14, claims her pet is capable of more than 250 different tricks.

Talented Bella Boo

Despite bing tempted with a range of treats, Bella manages to stay perfectly still

Schoolgirl Victoria, who is aiming to become a dog trainer when she’s older, spends several hours each day training her pet pooch at her home in La Salle, Illinois, USA.

From skateboarding through the streets of her hometown to showing her skills with a paintbrush, Victoria has been filming Bella’s repertoire of tricks and uploading them to YouTube.

Talented Bella Boo

But Bella’s skills don’t stop there as the clever canine can even skateboard

Victoria, who mostly films the footage on her IPad, hopes adorable Bella be the next talented ‘Jenga dog’ to take the internet by storm.

Up to now, Victoria’s videos, which show tricks including Bella hitching a ride on her owner’s shoulder, shutting open cupboards and balancing dog biscuits on her nose, have received thousands of hits.

Talented Bella Boo

Two year old Bella began practising at only 4 months old and is now a balancing expert

But Victoria is confident Bella Boo will be an internet sensation, with her videos receiving hundreds of new views each day.

Victoria, who is currently making and selling dog collars and leashes, said: “I started teaching Bella the basics as soon as I got her, which was when she was about four months old.

“She was a quick learner so I started teaching her more complex tricks at around eight months old.

“I never really had a reason to teach her tricks, it was just to strengthen our bond.

“Bella has always been special to me, but when her fan base started to grow on Facebook and YouTube I started to see more people saw how special she is too.

“I would say Bella’s most impressive trick is skateboarding, she loves pushing it around on the streets.

“Bella is basically me but as a dog – she can be obnoxious and outgoing but also quiet and relaxed.

“I think Bella is good at tricks because she loves to please and gets lots of love in return.

“Also, because our bond is so strong, she understands me and I understand her, which I think, is something special.”