Husky hilariously fails at catch and his face in doing so is priceless!

You would not want this dog in your cricket team, or any other sport that involves catching. Lovable Husky and Malamute cross, K'eyush does not seem to have inherited the fetch gene and even appears to be clapping his hands in anticipation. Key's owner, Jodie Barnard from Brixham, Devon, started snapping her clumsy pooch when she decided his entertaining attempt... read more>>

The houdini baby who will not stay still stuns mum in the gate escape!

For this baby, the great escape is just a daily routine. Crafty Leo Westlake from Falmouth, Cornwall, is just 21-months-old but has climbed his way out of just about everything according to stunned Mum, Alice Grey, 23. The little Harry Houdini's first mission was wriggling to freedom out of his baby bouncer- now there seems to be no limit to his escapes. ... read more>>