Now that’s a police horse – hilarious video of runaway pony walking into police station

This hilarious footage shows a runaway pony walking into a Cheshire police station.

It’s impossible to work out whether the four-legged animal was applying for a police horse job or handing itself in.

Officers at Cheshire Police headquarters in Winsford were surprised by their equine visitor in the early hours on Monday morning (Oct 6).

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The horse casually strolls into the police station as a worker tries to stop him

After its brief foray into the world of policing, the horse was quickly returned to its paddock.

A spokesperson from Cheshire Police said: “During the early hours of the morning on Monday 6th of October, a local resident decided to check out Police HQ and was captured on CCTV.

“Security staff at HQ were quick off the mark to greet a horse that had decided to investigate the HQ.

“The brown and white horse resides in a field near the HQ and was quickly escorted back to its residence having investigated the goings on at HQ.”