Lord of the wings: Nerve shredding moment wing suit rider jumps from tiny platform of a mountain needle

If you are scared of heights then look away as now as this nerve shredding footage of a a wing suit rider jumping from a mountain needle is sure to induce some sweaty palms.

Wingsuit Chamonix Jump

Tancrede Melet at the peak of the Republique Needle, France

Filmed on a GoPro camera attached to a helmet, the incredible footage shows the adrenaline junkie standing on a tiny platform 3,400 metres high in the air before bracing himself for the leap of death.

Wingsuit Chamonix Jump

Tancrede spreads his wings as he soars downwards

Created by extreme athlete, Tancrede Melet, 31, the Frenchman spent a whopping eight hours climbing a part of the Mont Blanc Massif to make the journey down in around a mere three minutes.

Wingsuit Chamonix Jump

Tancrede’s impressive view, captured on a 2 GoPro cameras attached to his specially fitted wing suit

After tip-toeing his way across the mountain side to the République Needle, a location that has never previously been jumped from before, Tancrede is then seen soaring past the jagged landscape of the Chamonix of speeds up top to 100mph.

Wingsuit Chamonix Jump

Tancrede flying down the luscious green mountain side

Kitted out with a state-of-the-art, made-to-measure wing suit, Tancrede has made over 200 previous jumps but admits that he’ll never get used to the thrill.

Tancrede said: “I was definitely scared, it was the first time somebody had jumped from this place and I climbed the needle entirely on my own.

“Before I jump I try to clear my mind, take deep breaths and concentrate.

“When you jump you feel as if you are flying, it is like being in a fast aircraft but it is your body that is travelling, you can feel the speed on your face.

“The Mont Blanc mountain range is stunning, it is a crazy landscape.

“I was not planning to fly all the way down to Chamonix but the more I flew, the closer is got, I couldn’t believe I had made it so far down.

“With that particular jump you have a glide ratio of 2.5 which means if you have 1000 metres of verticality, you fly 2500 metres across the air.

“There is a feeling of relief when you land but also of joy and happiness, when you realise it took about three minutes to fly down when it takes eight hours by feet, it is an extraordinary feeling.”