Indian man holds ‘wedding’ for monkey couple with hundreds of villagers in attendance

AN Indian man has ‘married’ his two pet monkeys in an elaborate ceremony.

Udesh Mahto organised a procession through his village in Bettiah, Bihar, complete with a flower-bedecked SUV, wedding cards and band.


Onlookers watch as the monkeys make their way through the packed streets of Bettiah, Bihar, India

The ‘couple’ were even solemnised by a local Hindu priest, with hundreds of villagers turning out to witness the grand spectacle.

Owner Mahto, who dressed the bride, named Ramdulari, in an organ dress and the groom, named Ramu, in a t-shirt, told local media: “Ramu is like an adopted son to me. I wanted to marry him off after it became apparent they liked each other.”


Bride and groom, Ramdulari and Ramu embrace in front of villagers

Monkeys are revered in Hindu culture. Hanuman, the Hindu monkey God, is one of the most worshipped figures in Indian religion.

Man Marries His Pet Monkeys

Owner Mahto with his beloved pet monkey

Mahto bought 13-year-old Ramu from Nepal and later purchased his wife-to-be Ramdulari at a fair.


The bizarre spectacle saw hundreds of villagers fill the streets in effort to get a glimpse of the newlyweds

The ceremony saw a huge procession wind its way through the cramped streets of Bettiah district in Bihar, before the ‘couple’ were married.

A huge feast then took place to celebrate the matrimony, with villagers travelling from neighbouring towns to join in the festivities.