Incredible video of tense moment diver gets up close and personal with giant humpback whale

Incredible new footage of a diver shows the tense moment he gets up close and personal with three giant humpback whales.

Vidar Paulsen, 44, from Tromsø, Norway, was splashing about during a quiet point of a whale watching trip when the massive sea creatures arrived to join the fun.

The amazing footage filmed by his friend Per Christian Olsen, 33, shows the whales spurting water from their blowholes just metres from Vidar clad only in a wetsuit and flippers.

Georg Dahl Karlsen, 33, was driving the boat when the unexpected encounter took place.

Vidar Paulsen was splashing about when a whale came swimming by

Vidar Paulsen was splashing about when a whale came swimming by

He said: “Over the last 3 years humpback wales and killer wales have come to this part of Norway at the start of November to eat herring.

“They usually stay here for a couple of months to the start of January.”

It’s the first time firefighter Vidar has ever got into the water with whales despite heading out to see them on his friend’s boat a couple of times a week.

Vidar said: “These are big mammals that can be up to 16 metres long and weigh over 30 tons, so I was a bit scared.

“The force of their tail can be incredibly strong so you have to be careful – we have a lot of respect for these animals.

“Swimming with them is one of the most fantastic nature experience you can have.

“You really feel alive when you come so close.

“When you can smell their rotten herring breath, then you know you’re really close!”