Incredible cyclists heat up exercise routines by riding through fire in shocking video and pictures

A group of cyclists have decided to heat up their training by riding through FIRE in these incredible pictures.

The Findon Skid Kids are speedway riders who decided to add an element of danger to their displays.

But instead of steeper hills or faster speeds the group decided to set their fans’ hearts alight with flames.

Cycle Speedway involves cycling around short oval tracks and started in England during the Second World War when children started riding their bikes around the bomb craters.

The Findon Skid Kids  ride through fire in these incredible pictures

The Findon Skid Kids
ride through fire in these incredible pictures

Mick Harley, the retired 72-year-old who started the group aged just 15, decided to add cycling through flames as an extra-exciting side-line during displays.

Riders, both men and women, kitted out in Balaclavas, goggles – which quite often melt, crash helmets and non-fire proofed combination overalls dash through cardboard that has been set alight.

Sadly the tricks don’t always go to plan and some riders don’t make it through the flames as seen in this terrifying video.

Findon Skid Kids member Mat Dawson can be seen tumbling from his bike as he tries to cycles through a wall of fire.

But he escapes unhurt thanks to other team members who rush to his aid with woollen blankets to put out the flames.

Mick said: “Riders say that they feel the surge of heat as they ride towards the flames and they hope everything will be ok.

“It takes around 30 minutes to make the frames they ride through and check all the gear that they wear is on correctly.

“It’s always a huge adrenalin rush when they get to the other side.”