Hunter is mauled to death by bear he was hunting in remote Indian forest

A MAN has been mauled to death by a bear he was attempting to hunt.

The Indian man, believed to be a 47-year-old forest guard, was attacked by the animal near Surajapur in Central India’s Chhattisgarh state.

The forest worker is reported to have been attempting to snare the female bear following reports from locals of two bear attacks in a nearby village, promoting officials to try and remove the bear.

The Indian man was mauled to death by the bear

The Indian man was mauled to death by the bear

But in a sickening twist of fate, the forest worker was himself attacked by his target as they tracked it down, and savagely mauled to death by the ferocious predator.

Witnesses told local media that the female bear had caught the forest guard by surprise when it emerged from dense woodland.

As the bear set about attacking the guard, his desperate cries for help alerted other members of the hunt party.

Mobile phone footage shows people pelting the bear with stones in an attempt to scare it off, but riled the animal even more.

Gun shots can be heard, but the bear barely flinches – and continues to sink its teeth and claws into the helpless man.

After an excruciating ten minutes, the bear was eventually driven from the scene. But tragically, the unnamed victim was declared dead at the scene.