Full-time dad & fitness lover uses kids as weights

A full-time dad has found an ingenious way to keep fit – by using his kids as weights.

Tod Fox, 32, performs bicep curls, chest press’ and weighted push-ups with his two daughters, aged two and three.

The risk manager from Orange County, California, manages to juggle full-time work with his parenting duties by adopting the unique workout.

Tod said: “I started doing it when my three-year-old was just a baby.

“She had the cutest giggle in the world and she loved being held by me, and I realised I could do a tonne of workouts with her that made her giggle and kept me fit.”

Ever since, Tod has honed his physique with the help of his children – with Tod even releasing a book detailing different workout moves.

He added: “The workouts are more about bonding with my kids than they are about getting me strong.

“I saw other pictures and video from mums online doing workouts with their kids.

“I realised that those parents were all about getting a workout while spending time with their kids.

“My idea is geared towards just being playful and staying fit while getting to laugh and giggle with my toddler daughters, which is by far the best part of my day.

“I can’t understand why more parents don’t do it.”