Amazingly intricate paintings of flowers are crafted by elephants unassisted

They may look like the creations of an abstract artist – but these intricate paintings were in fact the work of ELEPHANTS.

Using just their trunks, the pachyderm Picassos based at Maesa Elephant Camp in the North of Thailand, craft artworks depicting trees and landscapes.

The intelligent creatures wow tourists who flock to watch them paint each week – with the paintings then being sold for up to 3,000baht (£58).

The elephants produce the artworks unaided

The elephants produce the artworks unaided

Ten elephants produce the artworks unaided, with the only human influence being when the mahouts replenish the paint.

The sanctuary’s website states: “Initially, the calves were reluctant to pick up a paint brush and it took more than a month of persistence before the would-be artists became adept at simply holding the brush in their trunks.

“The next step for the mahouts was to train them to actually put paint onto paper. One of our pachyderm prodigies successfully painted dots, while the other three chose to paint beautiful lines.”