Adorable footage of screaming newborn baby being calmed down with star wars clip

This adorable footage of a screaming newborn baby being calmed down with a STAR WARS clip will melt your heart.

Baby Alessandra crying

Baby Alessandra crying

The two-week-old baby girl was filmed by her dad crying her eyes out – but when he plays the latest Star Wars trailer the tot becomes transfixed, gazing in wonder at the screen.

After becoming mesmerised by the trailer, the relaxed tot drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

Bryan Laurel, from Arizona, US, filmed fussy baby Alessandra after taking over from his wife, who had been nursing the crying baby for 20 hours.

Lifelong Star Wars fan Bryan, 45, said: “She had just been fed, I had just changed her diaper – so I tried to comfort her in the ways that had usually worked since we brought her home.

“I held her and walked around the house, I made funny faces and silly voices, I sang, I played classical music and Kenny Loggins, took her for a late night drive – nothing worked, there was no calming her.

“I tried a bottle again to see if she was hungry, and checked her temperature – all fine, but she still kept on crying.

“By the time Alessandra had been crying for a little over an hour, I thought I’d try a hail mary and call upon The Force.

“When we discovered my wife was pregnant and we were having a girl, I hoped I’d have the opportunity someday to share the Star Wars films with her, and crossed my fingers that she’d embrace them as something we could enjoy together for years to come.

Baby Alessandra being shown the star wars film and stops crying

Baby Alessandra being shown the star wars film and stops crying

“In that moment of helplessness, I wondered if introducing her to Star Wars at just two weeks old would have an effect on her.

“At that point I was willing to try anything – so I queued up The Force Awakens trailer on my iPhone and hoped for the best.

“Several moments into the trailer she was still crying, and my heart sank a little – clearly the romanticism of me using The Force to help me out was not enough to calm Alessandra.

“But a few moments later, she stopped crying!

“She focused on the screen and brought her little hand up to her chin as if to say ‘hmm, what’s this all about?’

“I half expected her to start crying again at any moment, but as the trailer continued she just became more mesmerised and more relaxed.

“As it came to an end she just sat there, let out a little sigh and looked at me for a minute or so.

“I couldn’t help but smile – my daughter had just been introduced to Star Wars, and it spoke to her.

Baby Alessandra being shown the star wars film and stops crying

Baby Alessandra being shown the star wars film and stops crying

“After another minute or so she had fallen asleep.

“I won’t show it too her too often, as I don’t want her to be too exposed to electronic devices – but it was a special moment to share with my daughter, and I hope one day in the not-too-distant future we will be able to share joy in visiting a galaxy far, far away together

“Clearly, the force is strong in my daughter – I have no doubt that she’s going to be a feisty little one.

“I can easily see Alessandra being strong-willed like Rey in the Force Awakens, or Princess Leia in the original trilogy.

“I’ve been a fan ever since Star Wars was released in 1977, when I was six years old.

“My father and I stood in line for hours to see the movie – and when I left the theatre that night, I had been changed.

“For me, Star Wars opened a channel of imagination and creativity that has been a part of my life ever since.

“Sharing that experience with my father is something I’ll never forget – those are the memories and moments I hope to create and share with my daughter.”