Move over George Clooney! Meet Australia’s most famous actor you’ve never heard of – because he’s got four legs

 Meet Australia’s most famous actor, you’ve never heard of – because he’s got four legs. This hunky pooch is dubbed George Clooney because his looks keep getting better with age. And like his Hollywood namesake, Ka... read more>>

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Giraffes show brass neck stealing breakfast from inside hotel

 These giraffes show some real brass neck by stealing breakfast through a hotel’s window. As Alex Timophy heads down for breakfast at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, he spots two of the tall animals poking their head through open panes. Making his way into the dining room, the giraffe pair move their heads around scouting out some food as Alex’s sev... read more>>

Treasured 100 year old box of Christmas chocolates to go on sale

 Over 100 years ago little Eileen Margaret Elmes received a very special Christmas present – a box of Little Red Riding Hood themed chocolates. But the young chocolate-lover thought they were so lovely that she simply couldn’t bring herself to eat them. Eileen kept the treasured chocolates up until her death, aged 99 years old in 2007, and never took eve... read more>>