Adventurer makes 2017 the best year of his life after making pact to travel the world after being hit by drunk driver in 2016

 An adventurous 23-year-old has revealed how he followed through on a pact to make 2017 the best year of his life, having been hit by a truck in late 2016. Jacob Laukaitis was hit by a drunk driver while traveling through ... read more>>

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Femme the man: Photographer takes shots of ‘masculine’ men as women in nude and powerful series to empower gender-fluid kids

 A photographer has taken shots of ‘masculine’ men as women in the nude and powerful FEMME THE MAN campaign to empower gender-fluid kids. Thomas Evans, 34, from Manhattan, New York, hopes to break down the labels of male and female with his series that started two-years-ago. He took inspiration from the women’s marches after President Trump’s leaked ... read more>>

Tear-jerking moment baby monkey clings to dead mother as it tries to wake her up

This is the tear-jerking moment a baby monkey was spotted tightly clinging to its mother who died of electric shock in India. The incident occurred in a market area in Lakshmeshwara, a city in Karanataka in southern India, when locals found a baby monkey tightly hugging its dead mother sitting next to a pole. Its mother had died of shock while trying to climb an ele... read more>>