Did some order David ba-guetta? Students party at secret Greggs rave

By Becca Husselbee A group of students had their pastry dreams come true after holding a secret rave in a Greggs bakery. The high street shops was transformed into a nightclub in just three hours and over 50 students were tre... read more>>

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a space station?

A flaming object racing through the Middle Eastern sky has sparked fears it may be an out-of-control space station. Residents in the United Arab Emirates spotted a bright object burning up in the earth's atmosphere at around 7:30pm on Monday. Rumours began to circulate that it was a meteor shower, a space station, or even the Chinese satellite Tiangong-1. The Chi... read more>>

Man adds a touch of ‘Vegas magic’ in proposal surprise to his boyfriend, with the help of spectacular street magician

This loved-up man literally added a touch of ‘Vegas magic’ when proposing to his boyfriend, with the help of a spectacular street magician. In front of the renown Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, USA, Elijah and his ‘magic mad’ boyfriend, Cook, have been randomly selected to take part in what appears to be a spontaneous street magic show, conducted by magic... read more>>