Adorable baby with massive five-inch quiff had such a long locks docs could see it in his ultrasound scan!

  Meet the adorable baby with a massive five-inch quiff with such long locks that doctors could see it in his ultrasound scan. Little Oliver Dunn, from Nampa in Idaho, USA, shocked medical staff not only in the womb bu... read more>>

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Somewhere over the rain-blow: Stunning moment whales blow a rainbow in the air for tourists in incredible close encounter!

This is the stunning moment a pair of whales get up close and personal to a group of tourists 'blowing rainbows' into the air. Returning to the shore after a day of scuba-diving, in Lahaina, Hawaii, USA, on February 23, this group of unsuspecting tourists are in for a real treat as some curious humpback whales swim alongside their boat to greet them. As if being... read more>>

High-rising pictures! Breathtaking images of new york from above!

It's New York as you've never seen it before - a bird's eye view from the top of its famous skyscrapers. The brave photographer, who is known as @svvvk on Instagram, scaled high rises across the state to get the breathtaking shots. He is now showcasing his most iconic photographs on the picture sharing site, including one he took from the top of Trump T... read more>>