Youngest person to ever climb three highest mountains in the UK

A six-year-old adrenaline junkie is believed to be the youngest person EVER to climb the three highest mountains in Britain.

Malaki Coowar, a year 2 pupil, climbed the challenging Mount Snowdon in Wales at the age of only four.

The mountaineer, who says that he wants to play for Tottenham and England like his hero, Harry Kane, has since scaled the heights of Scafell Pike in Cumbria and most recently, Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Malaki, from Barton Seagrave in Northamptonshire says that he wants to one day challenge himself to the limits and take on Mount Everest, but has already lined up Mount Kilamanjro which he wants to climb in the next few years.

“I want to climb Kilimanjaro because it’s in Africa and it is more challenging for me,” the cheeky chappy said.

“I like climbing mountains because I like climbing the really rocky bits and going over waterfalls and having adventures with my dad even if he is old.

Malaki’s dad, James, 39, an accountant, said that his son first became fixated on mountains after watching the children’s TV programme Go Jetters on CBBC.

 “He saw Mount Everest in a GO Jetters program and from that point decided he want to climb it. 

“He asked ‘How can I climb Mount Everest’?

“I said ‘you have to climb some smaller ones first’ and suggested Snowdon.

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“I asked him ‘are you sure you want to do it, it won’t be easy and I won’t pick you up and carry you’.

“We both went and he attacked it head. He got to the top and when we got to the bottom he asked when we’d do the next one.

“Passers by were amazed him and it Definity spurred them on. He never complained once and showed loads of determination.”

James, and his wife Marcie, 38, added that they’ve always encouraged Malaki and Jace, 3, to relish the outdoors.

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“We have always tried to keep our boys active and out seeing thing and experience nature, if they want to try something like climb a mountain we support it but also make sure they know what they are committing to and that we expect them to complete what they start.

“We go camping and on walks in the countryside, fishing, he is just a proper boy. He loves his football and wants to be a professional footballer and loves a challenge. 

“Everything is a competition with him to do whatever it is the best he can do it. He always gives 100%, nothing phases him. 

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 “When we were going up Ben Nevis he was almost in tears towards the end but I told him to keep going and not to give up. These days, lots of kids sit down on tablets and phones but we encourage our kids to go out and be as active as possible.”

Malaki’s mum, Marcie said her boy is own little superman.

“He sees things and will say ‘I can do that’ and he’ll start practicing doing it. 

“He’s always been a very capable little boy. He learned how to walk at only seven months and from then on he wouldn’t go into his push chair. 

“He loves the outdoors and being able to try new things. He thinks everything is possible. It’s amazing.”