Young girl who amazed classmates with new prosthetic running blade pursues her passion for dancing!

A seven year-old girl, who stars in a heartwarming viral video showing off her new prosthetic leg to friends, is now following her dancing dreams.

Anu Shah had her leg amputated as a baby but was gifted a new running sports blade, especially made in pink – her favourite colour.

Local BBC cameras then caught the moment she unveiled the prosthetic, costing £3,000, to her impressed friends and then runs around the playground.

The video has gone round the world and been commented on by thousands including celebs.

After receiving the running blade from government funding, the happy little girl also attends dance classes every Thursday at a dance studio near her home in Shirley, Birmingham.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News Agency 

Anu said: “Pink is my favourite colour. It makes me run faster and do my street dancing.

“It has the sock to make it comfortable.

“I’m really proud of it, and I’m so happy I can dance again with my friends.

“They have all said lovely, kind things about it.”

Proud dad Anirban, 41, said: “The video of Anu showing her school friends her new and improved leg was very emotional for us to watch.

“It bought a tear to our eyes as parents.

“But the response from everyone else has been amazing. It has taken us by surprise.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News Agency 

“She loves playing with her friends and their response shows they love her too.

“The school has been so accepting of us and Anu’s disability. She even has her own special teacher, who helps her if she needs anything.

“Anu can only wear the blade for sporting activities and has to swap back to her normal prosthetic in between. The teacher helps her do this.”

“They have really taken care of her and the school have been amazing.

“Dancing is her passion and she goes to a street dance class every week.

“But now she can do so many more moves with her new running blade.”

Anu was born premature at just 33 weeks and after the umbilical cord caused complications, her leg could not be saved.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News Agency 

Her left hand was also paralysed and she had breathing difficulties.

After spending 17 months in hospital Anu was finally allowed to come home and at the age of 3 was give her first prosthetic.

Anirban, an account director for an IT firm, added: “Her first leg was very heavy and she was so small she struggled to walk to start with.”

She received the running blade at the beginning of April and her dad says it has given her a new lease of confidence.

It also means she can play more with her 13-year-old brother Anupran.

Anirban said: “Anu is so much more confident with her running blade. We are absolutely delighted.

“I would like to see her go on to do wonders now. I’m so proud of her.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News Agency 

“Her brother is really impressed with the blade and has been incredibly supportive of her.

“He has taken really good care of her all his life and it is wonderful for him to see her be so much more playful.”

Anu, from Birmingham, has paid regular visits to the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre ever since receiving her first leg and it was the centre who told the family about the funding.

The NHS injected £1.5 million worth of funding into providing children with new prosthetic and is a million miles away from Anu’s original artificial limb.

The money was allocated for new research and was introduced to ensure children have access to activity prosthetics that allow them to run and swim.

Around £500,000 of the funding was dedicated solely to new sports prosthetics for 500 children.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News Agency 

The emotional video made by BBC Midlands Today showed friends rushing over to greet her and within seconds to ask ‘Is that your new pink leg?

Anu in a bright yellow dress is then seen running around the playground hand in hand with her friends

It even touched the hearts of celebrities as they took to Twitter to share their positive messages.

Former Westlife singer Brain McFadden wrote: “You see! Not all news has to be bad. Sometimes good things happen. Bless this little angel.”

Ex-footballer David Ginola, said: “Heartwarming! Education and child play are so important!”