Young amputee is a sports all star!

A young girl who had her leg amputated at just nine months old is now pushing the boundaries as an all-around sports star.

Pic by Tamara Renfro / Caters New

Little Jemma Renfro is just five-years-old and since having her running blade fitted she has excelled in dancing, swimming, running, baseball, basketball, skateboarding and rock climbing.

Pic by Tamara Renfro / Caters News

Jemma, From Lindsey, Ohio, was born with deformed limbs that meant she had three fingers on one hand, whilst her the second bone in her leg leaving her foot in the wrong position.

Jemma’s right leg was amputated from the knee at nine months old along with a sixth toe on her ankle.

Pic by Caters News

Mum, Tamara, said: “No signs of Jemma’s condition ever showed up on the pregnancy scan, so we didn’t know anything was wrong until she was born.

“I wouldn’t say it was a shock but when we saw her it was different, the doctors believe it was a down to genetics.

“She has always been very resilient and independent but she does she struggle with her balance, she finds that irritating.

Pic by Tamara Renfro / Caters News

Jemma has dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete in swimming or running one day and is currently taking part in the Endeavour Games for athletes with physical disabilities.

Tamara said: “I have always taught her not to listen to other people’s negative comments.

“She is our little star.”