“You made my life”: Elderly grandmother celebrates 93rd birthday by getting arrested

This elderly grandmother celebrated her 93rd birthday by getting arrested– thanks to her daughter calling the police.

Anne Dummot went above and beyond to surprise her mother on her 93rd birthday, calling the cops to her home in Augusta, Maine, USA.


Knowing just how much her mother loves the TV Show ‘Cops’, Anne arranged for the local police department to come and ‘gently arrest’ the birthday girl on July 9.

Delighted to finally be seemingly starring in her own episode, Anne’s mother walked bound in cuffs out of her home and into the back of the squad car, as friends and family watched on cheering.

Given a tour of the car by Officer Doody and even getting to sound the siren, Anne’s mother reportedly fist-bumped the air and exclaimed ‘this is special’.

Admitting the surprise couldn’t have gone any better, Anne said: “We were sitting outside on the patio area, when a police car turned into her driveway.

“She immediately asked, ‘What are the cops doing here?,’ so I asked her what she had done.


“[Officer Doody] opened the car door for her, she got in and he showed her how to work the siren – she was worried she was going to mess something up.

“She was so happy.

“The officer laughed a long with us. He was so kind and gentle.

“A few days later she commented to me, ‘You made my life’ – the day couldn’t have gone any better’.”