Wrap it up! Meet the mum-of-two paid to wrap presents for a living who can rustle up the perfect parcel in under a minute

Meet the incredible mum-of-two who can wrap presents in under a minute… and is paid to do the job every day of the year.

Amazon Super-wrapper

Incredible present wrapper, Tina Sergbine, hard at work

Instead of being chained to a desk, when Tina Sergbine, 51, gets to work every day she has the joyous job of wrapping presents to send to lucky families all over the country.

Amazon Super-wrapper

Tina’s impressive wrapping skills mean she can make the perfect parcel in under one minute

Behind the scenes at the Amazon warehouse where she works, Tina can make a parcel look perfect in just under a minute and wraps over 1000 during the festive season.

Amazon Super-wrapper

Despite it being the part of Christmas most people dread, Tina loves her day job

Tina, from Dunfermline, Fife, said: “It is a bit of an unusual job but I love it.

“Even if it does mean my friends and family ask me to wrap their presents as well!”

While most people dread trying to make tidy corners and put the tape in the right place, as one Amazon’s super-wrappers Tina makes even the most difficult presents look easy.

Amazon Super-wrapper

As the team’s workload rockets on the lead up to Christmas, Tina can wrap over 1000 presents during the festive period

After working in another department for three months, she was picked to join the wrappers and this is now approaching her fourth Christmas in the job.

Normally she’s part of a team of ten but that number doubles in the run up to Christmas when their workload goes through the roof.

And they saw an unprecedented peak over the weekend when shoppers sought to cash in on incredible Black Friday deals.

On a normal day, Tina alone goes through four rolls of sticky tape and works with giant rolls of paper that last through a couple of hours of frantic wrapping.

Despite spending every day in the midsts of wrapping paper and ribbon, Tina still heads home every year at Christmas to wrap presents for her own family, including her son, 27, and daughter, 24.

Tina said: “When they said they were looking for someone to join the wrapping team – I thought why not.

“I think that I took a lot of care and pride in my work and that made me ideally-suited for all the tricky bits of present wrapping.

“Even though it’s something I’ve been doing all my life I had a couple of hours training to make sure my technique was perfect.

“It’s a really good feeling knowing that my work will be making  people happy when it arrives at their door.

“And I really enjoy doing it.

“All my family and friends think it’s great – but they’re constantly asking me if I’ll do their presents too when it gets to Christmas.

“I always say no! I do enough at work and this year I’ve still got a few of my own to do to put under the tree.

“The best thing about the job is definitely knowing that I’ve achieved something at the end of the day when I see the pile of presents I’ve wrapped.

“It’s like Christmas every day!”