World’s Fastest Talking Woman

This ‘adventure mum’ who lives life in the fast lane can also talk in it too, speaking up to 603 words per-minute which has seen her land the title ‘world’s fastest talking woman’.

A mother, an adventurer, a stand-up comic and the author of 19 books, you may wonder how New York native, Fran Capo, is able to fit everything into her busy schedule – but adept at saying 11 words in a single second, Fran certainly saves a lot of time on the chit-chat.


Boasting a ‘Three Little Pigs’ cover-to-cover reading time of just 13 seconds, Fran landed the Guinness World Record for fastest talking woman live on TV in 1986, managing a staggering 585 words in a minute.

Not to be outdone by herself, the rapid talker managed to eclipse her own record just four years later, totaling 603 words inside 60 seconds – a record that is still yet to be beaten.