Women with bone condition labelled ‘ugly’ becomes youtube beauty blogging sensation


A woman cruelly branded ‘ugly’ for the condition that stops her bones grow symmetrically has become a YouTube beauty blogging sensation with over 13 MILLION VIEWS.

Lily Cvetok, 21, was seven-years-old when she was diagnosed with McCune-Albright Syndrome – a complex genetic disorder that affects the bones, skin and hormones.

The condition means her bones are turning into fibrous tissues which has led to a distortion in the growth and made her body unsymmetrical.

As a child, she was mocked for her appearance, told she was ‘ugly’ and ‘not beautiful’ by cruel classmates.

In addition to the taunting, she battled with people staring and pointing at her on a daily basis.

But at 17-years-old, Lily found refuge in make-up and dreamt of becoming a successful YouTube beauty blogger.

Lily defied her bullies by posting an empowering message stating that she would not be prevented from doing reviews or making videos because of her appearance.

Now the aspiring lawyer’s YouTube channel has had more than 13 million views.

Lily from Tatarstan, Russia, said: “I am a person with disabilities, this doesn’t mean I can’t do what I love, that I can’t use make-up or film videos.

“I’m saying this so you understand that I’m just like you, it’s just that I have more desire than ability.

“When people see me in public they stare, some point and make comments, but I choose not to pay attention to them.


“I also get a lot of mockery on the internet because of the way that I look.

“Some people tell me I’m not beautiful but I don’t pay attention to them.

“It’s not pleasant hearing those comments but I will continue to keep making my videos and don’t pay attention to them.

“Before I was very upset and used to cry, they made me want to close my YouTube channel down but thanks to the support of family, friends and my subscribers I’m still online.

“I hope that people are motivated and inspired by my videos, so many people write to me saying they are pleased – it means that I do this for a reason”

She started her online YouTube channel in 2014, where she reviewed different beauty products.

Lily said: “I started using make-up at 17, I loved it from the first time I did it.

“I decided to become a video blogger because I like make-up and I love shooting and editing videos, it really fascinates me.


“I thought ‘why not?’, I can definitely do it and launched my own channel.”

Lily’s is in a wheelchair because of her condition McCune-Albright Syndrome which affects a few as one in a million people worldwide.

The condition means many of her bones grow abnormally and in particular, distort the growth in her spine and legs.

Lily said: “I cannot walk at all because I have a severe shortening of one leg, I still hope this problem can be resolved over time but so far surgery has been unsuccessful.

“Additionally, I want to have an operation on my spine and I am looking for a good doctor to do this.”


Lily, who has even won awards for inspiring people with her story, hopes that through her YouTube channel she can help others with disabilities too.

She added: “I like to know that I inspire people and motivate them, to me it’s really important.

“I hope you accept me and like me, that you support me and won’t be too hard on me.”