Woman who underwent pioneering surgery to have vagina rebuilt from bowel now set to have womb transplant to become mum

A woman who underwent pioneering surgery to have her vagina rebuilt using her BOWEL is now waiting for a womb transplant in a bid to finally become a mum. 

Tara Gratton, 37, claims doctors were left baffled by her ‘partially formed’ vagina before she was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKS) – a congenital disorder that affects the female reproductive system.

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After being diagnosed with the most severe form at 14-years-old, the support worker was told she had no vaginal tunnel, no womb, no cervix, no Fallopian tubes, and only one kidney.

Tara was left devastated after realising she’d never be able to carry her own child but after meeting her partner, Stuart Pretswell, 34, the couple began researching their options.

She opted to have her vaginal tunnel rebuilt through using her bowel as a teenager and is now on the waiting list for a womb transplant – the couple now hope, through using her own eggs, that they’ll be able to start their own family.

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Tara, from Stakeford, Northumberland, said: “At 14 years old I was diagnosed and had my first surgery so I’d be able to have sex as an adult.

“I had a vaginal tunnel built from my bowel as only part of my vagina had formed properly.

“My surgery was a risky one as it involved using two inches of my bowel to create a new tunnel opening.

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“I was really young but naturally I was embarrassed about my condition back then as it was so rare.

“Since then I have met my partner, Stuart, and we’re desperate to have a family after meeting four years ago.