Woman stages her 10 month old in a crash to remind people to drive safe over the holidays


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A young mum has staged her 10-month-old son in a fake drink-driving car crash scene which saw Bob the Builder DIE in hopes of reminding people to stay safe behind the wheel this Christmas.

When Teleasha Cameron, 27, from Queensland, Australia, saw her son Xavier napping in his Little Tikes car with a milk bottle in hand, she was reminded of the countless car crash stories she’s seen on the news.

That’s when the mum came up with the idea to use her son as a prop in a fake crash scene and post the photos on social media.

The fake smash involved Xavier ‘four times over the limit on milk’ and a report that Bob the Builder died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

What started as a light-hearted gesture to give her Facebook friends a giggle quickly transformed into a serious message about driver safety.

Teleasha said: “Initially it was supposed to be a funny little thing for people I know, but I’ve since taken into consideration the serious side of it.

Pic from Caters News

“Every time I turn on the news or log onto Facebook, I learn about more and more accidents and it’s terrifying.

“You could be doing everything right, but all it takes is one tired or drunk person to cause an accident, which is why it’s so important to pull over if you’re tired.

“It’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others.”

Pic from Caters News

Teleasha, who lives close to Mackay Bucasia Road, a major four-lane road that is a hot spot for car accidents, hopes to one day show the photos to Xavier when he is of driving age.

In her original post, she wrote: ‘A little tikes car and a walker have collided at 1pm 14/12/2016… the driver of the walker has been identified as “bob the builder” investigations have concluded that he had attempted to avoid the sheep on the road but unfortunately was hit by the little tikes car. The driver of the little tikes car is believed to be identified as 10month old Xavier who had been drinking while driving.

‘Reports state he was highly milk drunk roughly 4 times the legal limit which caused the vehicle to swerve into the path of the walker… as you can see by the pictures provided the walker has flipped on its side loosing (sic) his load and the evidence of drinking is pouring out of the tikes car… unfortunately Bob the Builder was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the little tikes car has been flown to hospital in critical but stable condition expected to make a full recovery’

Pic from Caters News

Teleasha said: “I’m shocked by all the response I’ve been getting from people who loved the idea.

“I hope people will remember to drive safe and have a Merry Christmas.”

Queensland’s road death toll is at 238, three more than last year

Pic from Caters News