Woman spends £13k pampering pooch – and they even have matching designer handbags

A woman has spent £13k on pampering her pooch – and they even have matching designer handbags.



Harriette Cranfield, 24, from Basildon, Essex, fell in love with Binky, a Miniature Maltese Terrier, two-years-ago and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Binky goes clothes shopping once a week and Harriette spends over £500 each month on new dresses, bows, coats, glittery leads, handbags and fresh food for her adorable pooch.

In the past two-years Harriette has spent £13k on Binky but she believes it’s money well spent as her pet always needs to look her best and even refuses to dress her in the same outfit twice.

Binky now has her own Facebook page and models her outfits for pet boutique Dogoholic which is based near her home.

Harriette, who is now studying for an interior design course, said: “Binky loves wearing dresses and fancy bows.

“I do spend a lot of money on Binky’s clothes, sometimes more than my own, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.



“I find it impossible to walk into Glamour Paws which is now known as Dogoholic without buying something new.

“Binky has a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes, most of them are pink as she looks adorable in really girly clothes.

“I love seeing her in her cheerleading outfit and matching bow, it’s so funny as she parades around the house in her outfits like a complete diva.”

Binky, who is almost three-years-old, spends most of her day sleeping in her princess bed and receiving lots of cuddles.

Harriette added: “She loves having people fuss over her and she’s always surrounded with people as I live at home with my parents.

“My parents have recently bought a super king bed so Binky can sleep on the end when she wants to.”

Binky enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and shopping with Harriette and sister, Terri-Lee, 30.



Terri-Lee added: “I often take her to the boutique as I’m a freelance make-up artist and have a lot of time in the day to spend with Binky.

“The shop owners buy in clothing just for Binky we buy from them that often, they know exactly what we like and how it’ll look on her before it arrives.

“Because she’s so tiny she looks so cute in all the outfits we try and no matter what the price we always buy her something new.”

Dresses at Dogaholic range from £30 to £110 and Binky has a whole collection for every occasion.

Harriette, who is a former glamour model, said: “People will often stop us in the street to comment on Binky’s great style.

“She even has a couple of doggy designer handbags such as Roberto Pawyall and Koko Chawnel and Camella Dekoka.

“We would never dress her up if she didn’t enjoy it but if I don’t dress her in a fancy outfit each day she will go into a mood.

“It sounds crazy but she’s such a little diva it’s hilarious.”

Binky visits the groomers to have her hair trimmed and styled once every two weeks as Harriette likes her pooch to look glamourous at all times.



She added: “Binky loves having her hair washed and dried, she leads a lavish lifestyle that costs us a lot of money but we wouldn’t change her for the world.

“We’re inseparable but whenever I book a holiday away I always dreaded leaving her and I know how much I’ll miss her.

“But we always Skype and my sister sends me pictures of what she’s up to and dresses her every day.”

Not only does Binky’s clothing cost Harriette a small fortune but her dietary needs are also pricey.

Harriette said: “My Binky is such a fussy eater, she only eats lamb chops or mince, apple and carrots.

“So we have to cook most of her food from scratch but thankfully she’s only small and has little portions.

“Her third birthday is coming up and we’ve already bought her a huge cake to mark the occasion, I dread to think how many presents she’ll receive.”

Rob Watson, owner of Dogoholic boutique, said:  “Binky is one of our best customers and we regularly see her with Harriette and Terri-lee.

“I have ordered a lot of outfits just in Binky’s size as I know what she and her owners like.

“She’s an adorable dog and just like our other customers we do our very best to ensure we only order in the best quality products for the best value.

“We started up the business in 2014 as we had always struggled to find nice clothing for our own dogs and we didn’t want others to continue to have the same problem.

“Our coats range from £35 to £40 upwards, dresses can cost up to £110 and can be more if they are for a wedding.



“And our toy handbags costs in the region of £13.

“Most of the time we recognise the dog not the owner when they come through the door.

“We lock the shop door and allow the dogs to run around and enjoy themselves.

“Binky has started modelling all of our outfits on her very own Facebook page, she loves dressing up and being pampered.”