Woman given six months to live five years ago is now pregnant with miracle baby

A woman who was given just six months to live five years ago is now PREGNANT with a miracle baby.

Laura holding her baby scan

Laura holding her baby scan

Laura Bacon-Smith, 27, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, is expecting her first child in three months – despite being told her cancer was terminal and that she had been left infertile after gruelling chemotherapy.

The mum-to-be was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer affecting the lungs, liver, soft tissue and blood in 2010.

Laura, whose baby is due on New Year’s Eve, has since used her diagnosis as motivation to make the most out of life and can’t wait to become a mum.

Laura, an account manager said: “My whole life completely changed after my diagnosis, but here I am five years later expecting a baby.

“I have to pinch myself sometimes, I still can’t believe it, I feel so lucky to be alive and make the most of every day now.

“I’ve always been a positive person and rather than letting this cancer hold me back, in the past five years I have met the love of my life, gone to music festivals, travelled, partied and now I’m pregnant.

“I was devastated when doctors told me that I was infertile after the treatment, I was heartbroken, I’d always wanted a family but there was no time to have my eggs frozen.


Laura and Lewis

“Lewis and I decided to try for a baby anyway and couldn’t believe it when we found out the exciting news in April – I had to take eight pregnancy tests until I really believed it.

“The one thing I do know is that if I live my life for another 20 years and I’ve not lived properly, I’ll always regret it.

“This baby was obviously meant to be, he or she is my little miracle and I plan to treasure every moment.”

After collapsing at work in 2010 Laura was immediately transferred to the Northern General hospital in Sheffield.

After two and a half months of tests, Laura was given the tragic diagnosis despite having no reason to suspect that’s what her initial symptoms were.

Laura said: “It felt like I had a stitch in my right-hand side, but I’d done nothing to warrant it and I’d also had insomnia for years so I had no reason to suspect that.

“The next day I went to work as usual but it had got worse and the pain was so bad that I collapsed at work.

“I was rushed to hospital and I was there for over two months because they didn’t have a clue what was wrong.

Laura with her boyfriend Lewis are expecting a new baby in December

Laura with her boyfriend Lewis are expecting a new baby in December

“It was only when I had three biopsies done and they came back as cancerous that they confirmed what it was.

“I was told that I had a maximum of six months to live and then I had two rounds of chemo, which meant that I lost my hair twice.

“But I kept trying to stay as optimistic as I could, and I was staying positive for longer and longer as time went on.

“I was told to just live my life for the remaining six months I had left, and that’s what I’m still doing five years later.”

Laura has since been ticking off things on her bucket list with her friends and loved ones, including her boyfriend, Lewis Neeve, 23, a trainee electrician.

Laura said: “I first saw Lewis last year when he worked in a bar where my friend and I used to go.

“I ended up going every Saturday night just to see him, and when he asked if I knew anyone with a spare room I said that I had one going spare.

“He never did sleep in that room, and we have been inseparable ever since.

“I couldn’t wish for anybody better – he has said all along that it doesn’t matter about my cancer, I should just make every minute count.

Laura is over the moon to be expecting

Laura is over the moon to be expecting

“That is the attitude we both have to life and we really do stick by it.

“Me and ten other friends have even had the word ‘life’ tattooed on our hands to remind ourselves everyday to love life.

“That’s exactly why having this baby is so special.”

The happy couple now plan to make a memory box for the baby and can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring for them.

Laura said: “The doctors didn’t believe I was pregnant at first so I had to have an internal ultrasound, but we were all left amazed.

“I’m having to have a caesarian because of the strain giving birth naturally would put on my heart.

“I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet for me and Lewis – I don’t think we’ll really believe it until the baby is in our arms.

“I’ve even started a blog so that people can follow our journey.

Laura with her boyfriend Lewis are expecting a new baby in December

Laura with her boyfriend Lewis are expecting a new baby in December

“Right now we’re working on the nursery and counting down the days until we have a little family!”

Dr Robin Jones, Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden, said:

“Hepatic epithelioid hemangio endothelioma is a very rare cancer of the lining of the blood vessels which is most common in women in their 20s and 30s.

“This disease typically presents with multiple tumours at the same time (known as multi-focal).

“It can also behave in a very aggressive way and traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy are often unsuccessful.

“Because the disease is so rare, many doctors have not seen it before and this can lead to difficulties in making the diagnosis and starting treatment.”