With this ring I thee thread: Bride-to-be makes incredible crochet wedding dress on bus ride to work

A thrifty bride-to-be has managed to save herself thousands of pounds by crocheting her very own wedding dress – on the bus ride to work.

Pictured looking stunning in a flowing white dress, wedding guests would have no idea that Chi Krneta, 30, from Washington, USA, spent a mere £19 ($30) on the incredible creation.

Made using fine white cotton crochet thread, Chi then used a sewing machine to fit the dress with a beautiful satin lining.

Woman Crochets Own Wedding Dress

Chi crocheting her wedding dress

Woman Crochets Own Wedding Dress

On the buses: Chi making the most of her daily commute

By spending one hour a day, five days a week, making the dress over a five month period, the time savvy seamstress was able to free up her evenings to take care of other areas of the wedding.

Taught by her late grandmother as a child, Chi decided that the dress would be a great way to honour her memory.

Despite only ever making short, simple dresses, Chi managed to rise to the challenge of making her own wedding dress, making for a truly unforgettable day.

Woman Crochets Own Wedding Dress

Stunning in white: Chi models her beautiful crocheted wedding dress

Woman Crochets Own Wedding Dress

Husband, Milan Krneta, loved the dress despite worrying it might be too simple

Amazingly, husband, Milan Krneta, 34, wasn’t convinced when he first heard of future wife’s plans but was stunned once he saw the gorgeous gown for himself.

Since posting a timeline video on YouTube showing the gradual progress of the dress, Chi has since inspired many other women to follow suit and crochet their very own wedding dress.

Chi said:  “I always knew I wanted to make my own wedding dress and about six months before the wedding I thought the most efficient way to do it is to crochet one on the bus using commute time.

“I learned to crochet as a child from my late grandmother and I learned to sew from my mother, I thought making my dress would be a nice way of honouring my late grandmother.

“I spent about one hour a day, five days a week, over about five months riding the bus,

“People in Seattle tend to keep to themselves in public so very few people noticed what I was doing on the bus, one person asked if I was making a table cloth.

“I’ve made many short simple dresses before, both sewn and crocheted but not a long gown like a wedding dress and had no idea if this would work or not.

“Most of my friends and family couldn’t believe I crocheted my wedding dress.

“It turned out much better than I thought with the fit and shape and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“My husband was a little skeptical of a crochet dress because he thought it would be too plain for the wedding but he loved it once I showed it to him.

“Many people have been inspired by the dress and now they want to make their own, I’ve had a lot of requests for a pattern for the dress from other crocheters.”