Watch this bride surprise her groom with a jaw-dropping wedding dance

Watch as this bride truly steals the show as she performs a sexy surprise dance for her new groom.

The not-so blushing bride performs a choreographed routine with her bridesmaids to pop song Bad Bitch by Bebe Rexha, and even performs an epic costume change half way through.

Allison Julian, a former professional dancer, 35, planned the surprise for her husband Scott, 38, in an effort to spice up their nuptials, and only choreographed the routine the day before the wedding.

Allison, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, said: “My girlfriends and I had been talking about doing a dance since I found my wedding dress but we all live in different cities so we were never able to make it happen.

“Once we were all in Vegas together the day before my wedding we decided to just go for it, and rehearsed it for one hour in my living room.

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“We never got to practice at the venue and only practiced the skirt reveal twice in the hotel room while we were getting our hair and makeup done.

“We were all so nervous walking up and down the stairs in our heels since we had never done it before – we thought that one of us would definitely trip!

“However everything went perfect and it was amazing, just like the entire evening.

Caters News

“Scott loved it so much, and he actually sent me that particular song a month before our wedding to listen to, so it seemed like the perfect choice.

“All the guests were really surprised, even though they know I love to perform – it got the part started for sure!”