Watch as emotional father-to-be falls to the floor after suprise pregnancy reveal

Pic from Caters News

Watch the moment an emotional father-to-be falls to the floor after a surprise pregnancyreveal.

The video was secretly filmed by Destiny Prince, 22, inside the apartment she shares with her boyfriend Richard Davis, 23.

After reading Destiny’s t-shirt that announced the news, Richard can be seen falling to the floor and sobbing, as he clings to the mother of his child.

Pic from Caters News 

The couple, who have been together since January, will welcome a baby boy called Granger Kade Davis in December.

Richard, from Tennessee, USA, said: “I had no Idea that she was going to tell me she was pregnant, or even that there was a possibility that she could be.


“She had even told me earlier that day that we would have to try again the next month.

“But then she kept checking in with me when I was on my way home for lunch to make sure of where I was at, which was really unusual, and I finally figured out why when I got home.

“I was completely overwhelmed with joy, love and excitement.