Versace model has $100K surges to become curvy Brazilian barbie in memory of partner!

A former-Versace model has had $100k (80kgbp) of surgeries to become a ‘curvy Barbie‘ in memory of her dead plastic surgery addict partner.

Jennifer Pamplona, 24, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, became obsessed with transforming herself into a human doll after her boyfriend Celso Santebanes died of Leukaemia two-years-ago.

At 17-years-old, she went under the knife for the first time for breast implants to combat years of bullying in school for having a ‘skinny’ frame.

Later, after being scouted for a TV show while modelling for Versace, she met partner Celso, known as a ‘human Ken doll’ and fell in love.

But after his premature death at 20-years-old, she fell into a deep depression and found the only way to make her happy again was by gradually transforming into a ‘curvy Barbie doll’.


In 2015, she underwent nine surgeries in 24-hours including having four ribs removed, breast implants, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, butt fillers and more.

Now she’s had more than $100,000 worth of surgery and is determined to have a bigger bum than Kim Kardashian, despite doctors’ warnings that her body shape isn’t large enough

Jennifer, a TV presenter and model, said: “My goal is to be a human doll, people call me ‘Susi Doll’ in Brazil, which is like Barbie but with more curves.

“It all started after my boyfriend passed away when I found plastic surgery was the only thing that made me feel good.

“When he died I was devastated, I never imagined something like that could happen while we were so young.


“I was invited to change my body on a TV show shortly after he died and I chose to continue his dreams of turning me into a curvy Barbie doll for him.

“I found that plastic surgery took me out of depression, whenever I had something done I became so happy and everything became perfect.

“It was always his dream for me to look like a human doll too and now after having over $100,000 of surgery I don’t have depression anymore.

“Some girls love shopping, buying stuff like bags and shoes, but me I love to go to the doctors for a surgery or procedure, it makes everything perfect.

“It was a way to love myself, it helped me so much in my personal life and career, it was the best decision I’ve made in my life.”

After Celso’s death, Jennifer was determined not to be defeated by depression and went on a body transformation TV show in Brazil.


Jennifer said: “We were together for a year, we met on a TV show but shortly after that he became sick.

“I was with him in the hospital and we became close through everything that happened.

“When he died it was a very bad moment in my life, now I’m just living to make something of myself.”

Of the nine-surgeries she had in 24-hours, one of the most controversial was to remove four of her ribs, additionally she had a second boob job to give her 34D breasts.

Since then the model has drawn a lot of attention for her looks becoming known in Brazil as ‘Susi Doll’, a curvier Barbie, as well as appearing in Soulja Boy’s music video for ‘Paper Cut’ last year.

Jennifer says she’s faced opposition from family members and the public who are shocked by how she looks and thinks she needs to stop having surgery.

She said: “I looked so different after my surgeries, when my mother and grandmother saw me they didn’t recognise me – it was really shocking for them but to me, I was perfect.

“Before people thought I was crazy, because I was beautiful and wanted plastic surgery,

“They thought I had lost my mind and that I was crazy because my boyfriend passed away, they were very hard on me and never accepted who I wanted to be.”


Her list of cosmetic procedures include: four ribs removes, liposuction, two breast implants, a rhinoplasty, fat injections into her butt and thighs, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and veneers.

She has more surgeries lined up, hoping to surpass the size of Kim Kardashian’s bum and another nose job to make her look more ‘fake’.

Jennifer said: “I want to have a butt even bigger than Kim Kardashian, I want to make everything look like her.

“Some of my friends don’t understand it, they tell my body type is too small to be like Kim Kardashian but I’ll keep fighting doctors to get it looking like hers.

“I never imagined myself doing so many surgeries but I’ve become addicted to this lifestyle, not in a bad way though, because in my eyes it makes everything perfect.

“So many people in the world need to feel great and confident about themselves through surgery, I realised my dreams this way and don’t see why people view surgery in a bad way.”

Jennifer is set to appear on new show tentatively called The Plastics of Hollywood – a Big Brother style house, where human dolls try to nurture their talent to achieve fame.

Away from their plastic surgery the stars including Jennifer will be put to the test in a talent agency to see if they can make-it in the cut-throat world of showbiz.


Marcela Iglesias said: “Jennifer wants to look like a ‘Susi Doll’, the Brazilian Barbie, to follow Celso’s dream.

“When he unfortunately passed away, she said she would continue his dream of becoming a real human doll.

“If you look at Jennifer you can tell she has had some stuff done but looks most natural of all dolls I have.

“She has a natural look in comparison to the others, so has more chances for jobs than some of the others as she looks more normal.

“For example, she can make her boobs smaller, she has the capability and to put a tight bra on, which is different to Pixie and other others girls can’t hide their big boobs.”

Marcela Iglasias and Patrik Simpson, will test Jennifer on her acting, help her to reduce her portugese accent and prepare her for the world of fame.


Marcela added: “I love jennifer I think she will be great for the agency, the way she looks will get a lot of work with us, look forward to working with her.

“Next step for her is to go to acting classes, accent reduction classes, so for some roles the accent has to disappear.

“None of these people would have a chance with a regular agency, the real world sees them as cartoon dolls but they’re humans who just look differnet.

“We’re the only agency that will give them a chance at becoming famous for something other than their plastic surgery.”

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