Uk’s Youngest Dj – 10 Year Old Schoolboy Stuns Crowds By Performing Amazing Sets

The UK’s youngest DJ is only 10 years old – and has already wowed crowds at international events.

Tyler Henry, or DJ Tyler, 10, from Croydon has grown up in a music environment and always liked to help his dad, Pierre Henry, 42, a professional DJ.

But dad Pierre never expected his primary school age son to be taking over the family business quite so soon.

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The year five pupil, who specialises in DJing latin music sets, has even been asked to do sets at events across Europe.

It all started when the year-5 , Howard Primary School student, was helping his dad during the annual Sexy and Sensual Latin Festival in Heathrow, in 2017,   when he went up to the organisers and asked for his own set.

Since then he has been playing in events and even asked to attend the ‘Berlin Salsa Congress’  in Berlin, Germany.

Tyler said: “Basically my dad has been DJing since before I was born, and I’ve always been helping him set up and pack up.

“One day I decided to sit by my dad and actually help him do the DJing and I really liked it.

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“People are usually surprised when they realise I was DJing at their event and quite often I have phones in my face taking photos. “

“I like doing the djing because of the smile it puts in people’s faces.

“My favourite song is ‘Bandolera’ and I always include it in the list I’m playing.

Tyler’s parents Pierre,42 and  Zoe Henry, 37 are both latin dance teachers and say they have always included their two children Tyler and Amira in their activities, which they believe was the reason Tyler got interested in djing in the first place.

Pic By Caters NewsTyler’s main focus is latin music, such as salsa, bachata and kizomba but he does enjoy other kinds of music too.

Zoe, Tyler’s mum said:  “While we were teaching at events the kids would both come with us and they slowly learned how to dance.

“We have never been the sort of parents who stop their lives because they had kids, we’d always bring them along.

“About two years ago Tyler started taking an interest in the DJ side rather than help his dad press the buttons.

“We got a congress that we go to every year and he DJed for ten minutes a couple of years ago and then he tested the organisers and told them ‘so next year can I have my full set? ‘

“He’s very confident, he’s very clear on what he likes and dislikes – he’s definitely got his own opinions on things.

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“He’s always had an interest in music- we have pictures of when his dad was working , he was only 18 months old, sitting on his dad’s lap, trying to press the buttons.

“People don’t really believe he is DJing – when we go to a venue his dad and I make sure to stay as away from him as possible so they can actually see he’s doing it all by himself.

“It’s not until the end of the set when the promoters say, ‘You’ve been listening to DJ Tyler’ and people’s reaction is amazing, they are like ‘what?’

Although Tyler loves DJing, he also loves going to school and has already made up his mind on what he wants to do when he grows up.

He added:  “I would like to become an inventor when I grow up but I would like to keep DJing.”