UK’s Youngest Cosplay Kid Has Been Dressing Up With Dad Since He Was Just Six Months Old

A little boy is the UK’s youngest cosplay kid after being introduced by his dad at just six months old.

Little Flynn Howarth is just three-years-old and already has mastered the resemblance of Batman’s the Joker as well as Marvel’s Superman and Scooby Doo’s Shaggy.

The youngster takes part in cosplay events with his dad Stuart, 36, From Norton, Stoke on Trent, and together they spend hours perfecting their looks for the next gathering.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Stuart, who owns his own advertising agency, said: “I got introduced to the cosplay world by and friend and Flynn started coming along with me. I had always wanted to have a go and we decided one Halloween to dress him up.

“But I think Flynn has got the bug for it like I have.

“Now he is a little older he gets to pick who he would like to recreate and for our next Comic Con he wants to be Harry Potter.

“We are currently making our own wands.”

The pair put most of the looks together themselves and make as many elements as possible from scratch including Flynn’s first ever outfit, Jack Skellington from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas, which dad Stuart put together by painting the skeleton bones one at a time.

Since then Flynn and Stuart have created several looks, with the Joker costume, being his favourite one so far, and Flynn having to patiently sit while Stuart recreated the Characters iconic face make-up.

Pic from Caters News

Stuart said: “He loves being creative and getting involved.

“It can take a few weeks to get all the elements together, so for the Joker outfit, we managed to find a purple suit online, added the fake flower, a pack of card and joke gun.

“We decided against dying his hair green as it wouldn’t have washed out for school and he did well to sit through having his make up as he said the brushes were tickling him.

“He is growing so quickly now that many of the outfits no longer fit but he has so much fun doing it and gets excited about getting dressed up.

“It’s something we like doing together and it brings us closer, if the weather is bad then we spend our time creating something new.”

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Flynn’s next big event is the London Comi Con between October 26 and 28, where he will unveil His finished magical Harry Potter masterpiece.

Stuart said: “He is quite small for his age so he looks even younger but he gets a lot of attention from people because they just love him.

“He gets a little shy, to begin with as people always want pictures with him but he definitely outshines me.

“He does always get a bit frightened when he sees a Darth Vader around though.”