UK’s oldest barbie finally meets her Ken after five years of searching

A mother-of-one who is the UK’s oldest Barbie has finally found her Ken – after five years of searching.

 Rachel Evans, 48, spent the last five years searching for her perfect Ken but always found men who didn’t fit the character’s ideal type.

Simon Jacobs/Mercury Press

 However, this all changed when she started dating personal trainer Tim Sharp, 52, in December last year.

 Rachel describes her beau as her perfect Ken – not only due to ‘having the body’ of the doll, but also as Rachel believes he has the loving, supportive nature to match.

 Rachel, from London, said: “I know that I have found my perfect Ken, and it was definitely worth the wait.

“Not only does Tim have the body of my dream Ken, but he also has the personality to match.

Simon Jacobs/Mercury Press

“Ken is very loving and supportive of Barbie, and that’s exactly how Tim is with me.”

Tim, from Essex, said: “Rachel’s Barbie looks are perfect and beautiful – and she is striving to set a good example for others to follow, just like Barbie.

“Despite knowing each other beforehand and me following her journey, we started dating and a serious relationship in December and things have been amazing since.

 “It was love at first sight with Rachel – she really is my dream girl.”

After knowing one another for four years, the couple went on their first date in December and fell in love ‘right away’.

Since dating, they explain that their relationship and support for each other has continued to blossom.

Simon Jacobs/Mercury Press

Rachel said: “Tim has always followed my transformation into Barbie, and I have always kept an eye on his bodybuilding career and personal training success.

“But since we have been in a relationship, the support we have for each other has just excelled.

“He supports me in any of my choices – surgery, how I dress and how I want to look.

“He even bought me a Barbie style handbag for Christmas to make my look even more perfect.”

 And after searching for her Ken for five years, Rachel claims that Tim was worth the wait.

 She added: “Mine and Tim’s sensual connection is off the scale and being in love makes intimacy so very special.

Simon Jacobs/Mercury Press

 “I wanted to wait to get intimate sexually until I knew that Tim was my Ken and he respected this.

 “Much like Barbie and Ken we have an innocent love and connection, but we are also massively attracted to one another and this shows in the bedroom.”

 Rachel initially started her transition into the human Barbie when she turned 30 years old, and was fed up of looking ‘blokey’.

And after 13 years of working on herself, Rachel finally felt like she could search for her dream Ken.

 She said: “After being very much a tom-boy, I turned very gothic and moody and this made me really down.

Simon Jacobs/Mercury Press

 “But after hearing Barbie’s ‘You Can Do Anything!’ slogan, I realised that I could be whoever I wanted to be.

 “Once I had my son, Rees, 18, I decided that it was time to leave the sad looks behind and focus on reinventing myself into a real-life human Barbie.

“I knew that I had to love myself before I loved anyone else and over the past five years I have managed to achieve that.

“Now, I am so glad that I waited for my dream Ken and didn’t lower my standards to anything less than perfect, just how Barbie wouldn’t.”