Two Brothers Branded Goldilocks For 29 Inch Hair Finally Get Mop Chop For First Time In 12 Years 

Two brothers branded Goldilocks for their waist-length hair have finally had their hair cut for the first time.

Primary schoolboys, Jensen Allen, 12 and his younger brother Cooper, 11, have been known for their luscious locks since they were tots.

Pics by Caters News – (PICTURED: (Left to right) Cooper,6, and Jensen, 7.)

But despite begging their mum, Janet, 47, to have the chop for six months, the brothers were only given the go ahead last month [April 2019].

Mum-of-four Janet, from West Bridgford, Notts, was devastated to see all 29 and 25 inches of their hair go but donated it all to Little Princess Trust – who provide real hair wigs for children and young people.

The stay at home mum added: “We all have long hair in my family, even my husband Max, 42, so it was never on my radar to get the boys a haircut.

“I absolutely loved their hair, I thought it was gorgeous and really suited them – it defined them as brothers.

“In primary school, a few curious kids would ask ‘why have you got long hair, only girls have long hair?’

Pics by Caters News – (PICTURED: (Left to right) Jensen and Cooper.)

“But they were never bullied because of it, as the years went by, it was what they were known best for, their hair was their stamp.

“It is actually more hassle for them now to do their hair as they wake up and its sticking up here and there, so we have to style it.

 “Whereas before, they would just give it a brush and have their hair down or in a ponytail for school.

“For the boys, it wasn’t about blending in, it was about standing out from the crowd.

“Until six months ago when they suggested a cut, I asked them to ‘think about it’ as it wouldn’t grow back over night.

Pics by Caters News – (PICTURED: Collect pic of (Left to right) Cooper, 5, and Jensen, 6.)

“It was harder for me to let go off their locks because I could see how beautiful it was, but as young boys they couldn’t.

“I liked them being different from the rest, but I do also love their new hair cut as it really shows off their handsome looks.

“Their new trims have bought them into their respective years, they look older.”

Janet also set up a fundraising Facebook page for Jenson in a bid to raise money for charity.

Pics by Caters News – (PICTURED: Collect pic of Jensens four 29 inch long ponytails that were produced by his hair finally being cut.)

There was a total of £1300 raised for Bowel Cancer UK along with the four pony tails sent off to the Little Princess Trust.

Janet adds: “I think Jenson and Cooper feel more like the pack now, all their friends are always ruffling up their hair at school.

“They might grow their hair in the future to their shoulders like their dad, but I doubt it will ever be that long again.”