Two adorable boys of polyamorous family dream of having a baby sister in heart warming pregnancy reveal 

Two adorable little boys of a polyamorous family melt hearts with their longing wish to have a baby sister during a pregnancy reveal.

Courtney Cantano, 27, from Huntington Beach, California, USA, filmed the heartwarming moment she told her sons how to read a positive pregnancy test confirming that another sibling on the way. 


Sons Dario and Anthony, eight and three, wore beaming smiles after hearing one of their mums was expecting a new addition to their polyamorous family, during the treasured moment in January.  

Matthew, 32, Michelle , 31, and Courtney Cantano, who have been in a polyamorous relationship for just over two-and-a-half-years, will be expecting their first child together in October.

This will be the first child for Courtney, with the partners Michelle and Matthew having two boys of their own prior to becoming a ‘thruple.’ 


The kids who are completely adjusted to having two mums and a dad, had been asking their parents for another brother or sister for over five-months – with their preference strongly aimed towards a sister.

Courtney asks three-year-old Anthony: “Are you prepared to not be the baby?” to which he replies, “I will need help being a big brother!”

Courtney, who is carrying a boy, said: “The boys are very excited about the baby’s arrival, all three boys will get along great and we will make sure to give them all the attention they need. 


“Another benefit of having three parents is they get lots of love and attention, they’re also surrounded by a lot of grandparents, family members and friends that spoil them too.

“Both boys really easily transitioned into a polyamorous family, they call me ‘purple mom’ and Michelle ‘blue mom’ because of the colours of our hair. 

“I fell in love with them and they fell in love with me, they naturally started to call me Mom within six-months 


“I’m very lucky to have both my husband and wife, Michelle and Matthew, around to offer extra help with the baby.

“After showing family and friends, everyone thought the video was cute and very sweet – we are all very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of love