Tv Personality Who Didn’t Smile For Six Years Finally Unveils ‘Julia Roberts’ Teeth After $45k Surgery And Even Has Her Initials On Them

A TV personality who hid her teeth forsix years finally unveils her ‘Julia Roberts’ smile after $45k surgery and even has her initials on them.

Marcela Iglesias, from Agoura Hills, California, was so embarrassed that she would only smile with her mouth closed and covered it regularly while talking.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Marcela before her undergoing surgery to her teeth they were referred to as tiny shrimpy teeth before

She believes her ‘tiny’, ‘shrimpy teeth’ were a result of barely brushing them in childhood after drinking up to seven cans of soda a day and anxiety-induced acid reflux furthering the erosion.

After her wedding was televised on Showstopper Bride in 2013, she grimaced looking at her grin and knew she had to do something about it.

Longing forthe contagious smile of Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, Kourtney Kardashian and Jersey Shore star Pauly D, she visited Dr. Kam at Agoura Advanced Dentistry.

She underwent a month’s worth of surgeries, from taking a mould to crowning her teeth, laser contouring gums, before installing permanent teeth.

The mum, who previously feared dental work after a painful root canal 20 years ago, celebrated by having her initials carved in pink into the bridge where the troublesome tooth used to be.

Since then she’s been smiling bigger than before and has even been told that she looks as young as a teenager due to the size of her teeth and how they have changed her face shape.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Marcela showcasing her Julia Roberts smile, she was worked on over a month to get her perfect smile

Marcela said: “I made the decision that 2019 is the year I want to smile again.

“I wanted that big Julia Roberts smile, I also admire Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Kourtney Kardashian, whenever they smile on TV, I smile with them.

“Before I had my wedding on a TV show, I never realised how bad my teeth looked, I was like ‘oh my god’ and was so embarrassed by them.

“I would smile at home but outside, on the red carpet or during TV work I hid them, only smiling with my mouth closed because my teeth looked hideous.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Marcela in her teens, she believes her drinking soda, eating candy and acid reflux from anxiety caused her teeth to errode as badly as they did

“I didn’t think I would smile forthe rest of my life and had accepted that, but then I started to think why be ‘OK’ when I can make myself look better and not feel self-conscious.

“When I looked in the mirror forthe firsttimeafter all the surgeries, I smiled so big that I started laughing and crying at the same time.

“We used to call my ‘shrimpy’ teeth but now I have strong big teeth, my whole family were shocked, it’s changed my whole face and made me look younger.

“My husband and other people have told me my teeth make me look like a teenager, because they are so much bigger and have changed my appearance.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Marcela engraved her initials MI into the tooth that caused her fear of dental work for many years after a tooth canal gone wrong

“I used put my hands over my mouth to avoid people looking at my teeth, now every timeI realise I’m doing it I smile even bigger than ever.”

Marcela firststarted looking into cosmetic work three years ago, but only decided to start surgery last month.

She was motivated after seeing herself perform song ‘Human Doll’, which she released on Barbie’s birthday, March 9, and noticing her smile in interviews.

Marcela said: “I knew that my teeth were very small and was self-conscious about them in 2013 when I saw myself on the TV forthe firsttime.

“In that moment, I finally saw how they looked to everybody else.

“From there I managed to get by smiling with my mouth closed, but when I had to talk, sing or perform I knew I couldn’t hide them.

“I know it sounded vain, but I wanted something to fix me and make me a little happier and more confident.”

Marcela went to Dr. Kam of Agoura Advanced Dentistry, who helped her to form a computer simulation of her dream smile – that she based off celebrities.

She added: “My firstinspiration was Julia Roberts, hers is the smile of a generation, when you saw her smile it was contagious.

“I also love Pauly D and when Kourtney Kardashian smilesit is so beautiful, it really shows her happiness – I wanted to deliver a message like that through my smile.”

From there the team took impressions of Marcela’s teeth, x-rayed forcavities and other problems before performing a deep clean.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Shortly after seeing her teeth Marcela laugh and burst into tears at the same time, amazed by how she looked

Following that she underwent three hours crowning her teeth and laser contouring on her gums, before having temporary teeth fitted.

Two-weeks later, she went forher new teeth and bridges holding the teeth to be fitted – allowing her to show a toothy grin forthe firsttimein six years.

Marcela said: “When I saw myself with the new smile, I started to beam because I couldn’t believe it, I was actually smiling.

“All of the emotions raced through my mind, I had finally done it and they looked amazing.

“The crowns are beautiful and shiny, I love the shape and colour.”

But beneath Marcela’s new, pearly smile lies a secret – that Marcela organised prior to having them fitted.

PICS BY MARCELA IGLESIAS / CATERS NEWS: Marcela hiding her teeth away from the public – they were referred to as tiny, shrimpy teeth

To celebrate overcoming her fear of dentistry, which stemmed from a painful root canal 20 years ago, she decided to permanently mark the tooth that caused her pain.

Marcela said: “My idea was to carve my initials into the middle tooth of the bridge in the colour pink, so I visited the lab myself to have it done, Dr Kam was very shocked.

“That one tooth has caused me so much drama in the past I wanted to remind myself of everything I went through an overcame.

“People’s reaction has varied, from some saying ‘Oh my god, you are the craziest person’ but others thought it was cool, who knows may I’ll have started a new trend.”