Transgender goes from macho marine to blonde beauty

A former US marine has shared her incredible transformation from a burly bloke to blonde beauty.


Matthew (l) and Sona (r)

Sona Avedian, 33, who was assigned male at birth and named Matthew, lived as a hairy muscle-man until her brave transition in 2012.

From the age of four Sona knew she was a girl, but growing up in a conservative family it was a secret she expected to take to her grave.

As a US marine she overcompensated to ‘fit in’ and bulked up to a hefty 238lbs (17 stone).

She served six combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan before her transition.

Sona after her transformation, feeling more feminine than ever

Sona after her transformation, feeling more feminine than ever

With a beautiful wife, a young daughter and a respected job, she was living the American dream – except it was all a facade.

In November 2012 Sona came out as transgender and began taking hormone therapy.

After undergoing complex surgery and shedding a remarkable 98lbs (seven stone) she started her new life as a pretty blonde.

She stopped eating junk food, started cycling again and discovered yoga.

Sona, who lives in Austin, Texas, USA, said: “Since I came out I have tried to live a normal life – it’s like anyone, there are good and bad times.

“There are certain things I miss, I lost a lot of friends but I’ve also made a lot of new friends.

Sona as a child

Sona as a child

“I was following the American dream – I don’t even know who I’m looking at the before pictures, it was so depressing.

“Personally I’m much happier, I don’t have any conflicts with who I am.

“I am definitely a tom boy and that’s okay.

“Before I couldn’t stand myself and I couldn’t interact with people.”

Sona and her ex-wife Lucy were divorced in 2013 and although they still speak it was a difficult time for both.

New and old body

New and old body

However, Sona’s relationship with their adorable five-year-old daughter couldn’t be stronger.

She added: “I had already anticipated divorce but I had never lived alone.

“Living in a tent in I got to explore that. But I’m not dating at the moment, it seems to slow me down. If I meet some, I meet someone.

“My daughter and I are awesome, she adores being around me.

“She only remembers me as a women and I love how we interact, we are so much alike.

Sona's wedding day

Sona’s wedding day

“Even though she’s five, she has really intelligent conversations, especially if you push her to talk. I can talk to her like an adult.

“Most of our dialogue is cute little banter and I love it.”

Sona, who is currently single, drives for Lyft and Uber and spends her spare time backpacking.

She is also a passionate advocate for the LBGT community and chronicles her inspiring journey on her blog.