Transgender bikini model who was mocked and told she would ‘grow out of womanhood dreams, embraces life as lady phoenix

A transgender bikini model who was mocked and told she would ‘grow out of’ dreams to become a woman shows off her body as a LADY PHOENIX.

Jade Chua-Hoskins, 29, from Camden, London, believes herself to be an embodiment of the Greek mythological bird as she too has been reborn from the ashes.

From early-childhood, while living as Jon, she knew was different, preferring to play with dolls than toy guns and was a ‘laughing stock’ consistently bullied for her femininity.

Her body remained hairless throughout adolescence and curvaceous like a woman, but it wasn’t until her mother’s death in 2011 that she decided to transition.

She had 34D breast implants and lip fillers to embrace womanhood full time, having dressed in female clothing for two-years previously.

Determined to be a role-model within the trans community, she embrace the name ‘lady phoenix’ to symbolise the difficult journey she had to start living true to herself.


Empowered by the nickname, she is now a bikini model having taken photographs for a catalogue and carnival – showing off her natural womanly figure despite never taking hormones or any other surgeries.

Jade, an entrepreneur, who has Filipino and Chinese heritage, said: “I always knew that I was a girl or woman, I always had feminine features, no body hair, no facial hair, smooth skin and more.
“I would play with girly things and wore my mom’s outfits, but in the Philippines, transgender was not a thing and has only recently been tolerated.

“I grew-up a laughing stock with people saying, ‘He will grow out of it,’ and I was told despite feeling like a girl I would become a man.

“I believe I was born with more typically female genetics, I am hairless and never needed to take hormones, the only operation I’ve had is my boobs and lips done.

“I can pass as a woman and female model, at first I didn’t tell the agency I was with that I wasn’t a woman.

“I want to be an inspiration to people out there and show them that being trans isn’t a hinderance to anything, it’s something you should be proud of and embrace.

“Some people perceive it as evil, a mental illness or disease, like you’re a predator in the toilets.

“My dream is to walk the catwalk and show my distinct look in shots.

“I’m known as lady phoenix here in London. For me, the phoenix for me is my rebirth, rising from the ashes to become myself and embrace who I am, it’s like I’ve been reborn.”

From the age of six, Jade became the main family breadwinner selling newspapers on the street to help her mother and sister.

She worked to put herself through university, attaining a master’s degree in business administration and moved away to work in the Kuwait and Dubai.

Jade worked to set up a franchise restaurant in Kuwait and managed a McDonald’s in the Philippines.

But after visiting London, she found her permanent new home adoring the city’s open mindedness towards people of the LGBTQ community.

Jade said: “I had a very womanly figure from a young age, I never had a moustache, stubble or anything, I was always on the more feminine side.

“Without taking any treatments my body started to grow into the shape of a woman’s, I didn’t have implants until 2013 and started dressing as a woman two years before.”

But after her mum Penny Chua death of cancer five-years-ago, she felt a void in her life and knew she wanted to find love.

She met opera singer and future husband, Dave, 37, on Tinder and despite not initially knowing she was trans, he quickly fell for her.

Within a year of meeting tied the knot in 2016.


The TV star hopefuls have applied to Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor as a singing duo, with Jade also submitting an entrée for The Apprentice UK.

Jade said: “I was very confident dressing and living as a woman, I joined Tinder looking for a straight man.

“I met for hundreds of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, only telling people ‘I’m trans’ when I was comfortable.

“My husband didn’t know I was transgender at first, we went for dinner and it was love at first sight.

“He’s comfortable and proud of me, within six months I met his mum, and he was unlike any man I’d met before.”

Since then, Jade has been breaking into the fashion world, collaborating and becoming an advocate for Models of Diversity, who campaign for fair representation within the media.

She was even featured by Swimsuit for All, a US brand, and has posed in other shoots, as well as performing at Carnival.

Jade believes she was able to adapt to the modelling world quickly having studied TV shows and now hopes to empower others.

She said: “I’m like a supermodel, I pose properly it’s all in me and I never had any training, I learned from America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.

“I want to be a good role model to show kids they can be who they are, I hope to inspire people to be themselves, accept who they are and be proud of it.”


Jade is representative of Models of Diversity, a charity that aims to promote more diversity in the models we see every day.

“When Jade first approached us we were impressed by her obvious beauty but it her passion for life and social change was equally striking.

“It’s more that reading how someone has faced up to working so hard through adversity and on to success is so inspiring. It’s exactly the kind story our supporters need.

“We know the fable of the phoenix reborn from its own ashes, so it’s an obvious metaphor for someone going through great change.

“But what’s impressive with Jade’s life is that it’s she who has taken control and chosen her own direction.

“We see the raising the profile of transgender models as a natural part of MoD’s campaign and hope the UK fashion industry can be more open to this in the way, for example, Forever Unique has been with Talulah-Eve.”

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