Top trumps! Tech analyst spends over $26,000 (20kgbp) on surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump after embarassing ‘shrek’ bikini snap

By Josh Saunders

A technology analyst has spent over $26,000 (£20kGBP) on surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump after an embarrassing ‘Shrek’ bikini snap.

Sarah Schmidt, 34, from Houston in Texas, USA, longed for plastic surgery from the age of 10, initially idolising the models in Playboy Magazine before her tastes matured.

She chose to go under the knife two months ago after seeing an unflattering bikini picture where she hated her curvy figure and felt like ‘Shrek’. 

Admiring the beauty the President’s daughter, she chose to go under the knife to resemble Ivanka facially and to refine her body.


Dr. Franklin Rose performed a rhinoplasty, liposuction under her cheeks and chin, and liposuction to her upper arms, lower back, abdomen, hips and thighs.

The fat drained from her body, around the equivalent of half a pint (275ml), was injected into her derriere as part of a Brazilian butt lift.

The operation that lasted over three hours also saw her have fillers in her cheeks, chin and lips.

Now nearly recovered she couldn’t be happier with her look where she is regularly compared to Ivanka and has dropped up to two dress sizes from her previous size six [UK size eight] frame. 


Sarah said: “During the summer a good friend took a picture of me in a bikini and when I saw it I thought, ‘Oh this is bad’ that’s when I decided to talk to Dr. Rose.

“I just looked terrible and so bad in it, especially around my abdomen area all the way round to my lower back and stomach.

“The other girls in the picture are very slender with slight builds, so I felt I looked like Shrek aside from being green.

“I’m very pleased now and feel that I have beautiful results, I’m one hundred percent over the moon with it, Dr Rose is just a master of his craft.

“Now when I look in the mirror I see someone who is closer looking to Ivanka and I definitely have the features of hers that I wanted.

“Now I will rock a bikini next year and am all over it, I’m looking forward to wearing them for the first time in a very long while.

“I have had friends tell me that I look like Ivanka Trump especially when being next to a photo of her. 


“My roommate and friends have commented about how I really do look like her and they can see the resemblance.

“I’m not a carbon copy but I look a lot like her and that makes me feel good, it’s definitely a confidence boost.”

Sarah decided she wanted plastic surgery during her childhood, with her initially intrigued by glamour models and over time refined her taste.

She added: “I remember seeing glimpses of Playboy Magazine and the women on the cover, I remember thinking ‘Oh forget looking like Mom, I want to look like that’

“I remember seeing pictures of those beautiful women and thinking someday I want to look like that.”

When Ivanka Trump came into the spotlight during her father’s bid for president, Sarah admired her looks, the way she dressed and her poise while in public. 


This adoration would lead her to want to mirror the businesswoman and try to replicate some of her aesthetics during three-and-a-half-hours of surgery.  

Sarah said: “Ivanka always looks very classy, never wears anything too revealing but always looks really nice and I like that about her.

“I really like her nose and that’s what Dr Rose gave me, I’m thrilled about it. I like her cheeks, the contours of her face and jawline, so I’m very pleased.”

Now looking back on the embarrassing bikini photograph from June that spurred her to change her appearance, Sarah’s relieved knowing she’ll never look like that again.

She said: “My measurements have shrunk, and my butt looks so much better, some guy friends have commented on my butt saying how good it looks and that I look smaller. 

“My changes were subtler, I did not want to look like I had surgery, I wanted to look tweaked not enhanced.”

Despite altering her appearance to resemble the First Daughter, Sarah adamantly states her decision was not political nor in support of the Republicans.


She said: “I do want people to know that as far as the decision to want to look like Ivanka it is nothing political at all.

“My political views are fairly liberal and there is no political motivation, I’m not a Trump fan at all.”

Sarah combined surgeries on September 14th cost over $26,000 (£20,000) at Utopia Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

Now more than four weeks after the ops she is nearly fully recovered, her surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose is delighted with the results.

They unveiled Sarah before a crowd last week at the Emmaline Restaurant in Houston, Texas. 

Dr. Rose said: “Sarah was very beautiful to started with, we took her from a nine to a ten plus-plus, she resembled Ivanka a little before, but now even more.

“It was a pleasure to be able to operate on Sarah and I personally love Ivanka Trump, she is a very elegant spokesperson.

PICS BY SARAH SCHMIDT / CATERS NEWS: Sarah posed with Dr Franklin Rose who performed her surgery and Jenny Stewart someone else who underwent similar procedures

“What’s not to like, maybe we will see ‘Ivanka for President’ one day.”

The surgeon adds that the Trump ladies are one of the sought after looks of recent times.

He added: “It’s not really surprising to see even more women now requesting to look more like Ivanka, who is simply gorgeous.”



Fillers to cheeks, chin and lips

Liposuction under cheeks and chin

Liposuction to her upper arms, lower back, abdomen, thighs and hips

Brazilian butt lift