Too hot to handle: Couple head out of wedding reception to take one-of-a-kind big-day shots in front of burning building


This couple’s wedding photographs turned out to be too hot to handle – as they briefly left their reception to be snapped in front of an abandoned burning building less that a mile away.

Newlyweds Dillon and Corrie Jameson and their photographer, Megan Allen, decided they would take full advantage of the unexpected occurrence, in Dayton, Ohio, on June 30.


The main – and most viral – image shows Corrie and Dillon standing atop of a pile of stones, with almost the entire backdrop engulfed in flames.

In another shot, the couple are looking away from each other as plumes of black smoke fills the sky; a night time shot, taken once the first was put out, has the pair silhouetted.

Megan, of Studio 22 Photography, said: “As the reception was slowing down, something out the window caught my eye, and I glanced out the window to see huge flames erupting from the building across the way.

“We were all extremely shocked when we saw the fire.

“It certainly isn’t something you expect to encounter, especially during a wedding.

“However, once the initial shock subsided, we knew we had to try to capture a photo that told the story of this event.

“When I asked Dillon & Corrie if they were okay leaving their wedding to try to capture a shot, they were absolutely on board.

“There was no hesitation to safely chase the opportunity.”


An overpass was near the venue, Top of the Market Banquet Centre, which provided the perfect location for the shots.

There, Megan quickly photographed Corrie and Dillion from a number of angles before they moved to a safe distance when the first responders arrived.

Throught the shoot, Megan said, safety was her main priority.

Megan, who has been a destination wedding and engagement photographer for four years, said: “I would simply like to add that I want to stress we were completely safe and respectful of all the first responders and the environment.

“No photo is ever worth risking your life, and we were very sure to respect the boundaries set by the authorities and keep safe distance from the fire.

PIC BY STUDIO 22 / CATERS: Photographer Megan Allen

“My immense respect goes out to all of the responders who battled this blaze, and I’m so thankful that no one was injured in any way throughout the process.

“The images really excite me, but to me, it’s more important that my couple is thrilled.

“When I saw Corrie and Dillon’s response when they saw the images we’d created, that was truly a joy.

“Creating images that make my couples happy is my top priority.

Reports suggest the fire in the abandoned building was arson, with police confirming two juveniles were in custody and no injuries reported.