The mini shape of you! Meet the three-year-old Ed Sheeran super-fan whose only birthday wish is to sing with his fellow redheaded hero

Meet the three-year-old Ed Sheeran super-fan whose only birthday wish is to sing alongside his fellow redheaded hero.

Adorable Josh, 3, is one of the ‘Shape of You’ star’s biggest fans, knowing the words to nearly all of his songs and attempting to strum the guitar just like him.


He was fascinated with music from around eight-months-old dancing and tapping his foot in rhythm, before becoming obsessed with the singer-songwriter’s track ‘Perfect’ last year.

Since then, he learned to use YouTube and was fixated on listening to his idol’s live performances, besotted by the Halifax, West Yorkshire, born star.

According to mum Sheri Cooper, 32, from Bondi, Sydney, Australia, her son talks about Ed Sheeran as if he is ‘part of the family’ and religiously practices guitar twice-a-day, perfecting many of his idol’s ballads.

Determined to get enough ‘monies’ to buy a ‘microphone and big microphone stand like Ed’, he even went out onto the street and busked, earning $50AUD (28GBP) from two short sessions.

Next month, the little lad turns four-years-old, his one birthday wish is to meet and hopefully perform with his idol – who is touring Australia at the same time.

Sheri, who works for a tech company, said: “Josh has always loved musicians and would watch them for hours if he could.


“When he noticed that Ed Sheeran also has Red hair, he developed this ‘connection’ with him and almost looks up to him as his role model.

“Josh always insists in wearing shoes like Ed, he insisted on having the same microphone and stand and he splashes water on his face because he also to be ‘sweating like Ed.’

“When he eats his dinner, he asks if Ed also eats Chicken or Meat or pasta etc

“The latest request has been for a belt like his and constant nagging to ‘Sing next to him. Not in front of him like on the TV, mum. I want to sing next to him.’

“Our goal is to share the joy this little boy brings with the world as there is never enough love, laughter and smiles around the world.

“Our greatest joy would be for Josh to meet and sing with his idol.

“In Josh’s words, “How cool would that be Mum? But do you think Ed will sing with me?”


Determined to become just like his idol, Josh plays guitar twice a day and often performs in front of the TV with Ed Sheeran in the background.

His parents Sheri, 32, and Mark, 36, have encouraged him to follow his dreams even allowing him to busk in public.

Sheri said: “When Josh is singing, he is in his element and totally focused on the performance, the music and you can feel the passion inside of him.

“Mark took Josh busking in Bondi Junction, Sydney. It was totally on Josh’s request and he decided where he wanted to stand.

“He was saving money to buy his microphone, which he now owns, and would come home and count ‘how many monies’ to see if he had enough.”