That’s what you call two faced! Young woman reveals scaly skin under her perfect make-up!

That’s what you call two faced – a young woman has revealed her scaly skin underneath her perfect makeup.

Sophia Ridlington, 22, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was diagnosed with psoriasis – a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales, since her late teens and it covers her entire face and body.

Her skin would often crack and cause Sophia excruciating pain, along with the anxiety of others commenting on her looks.

Sophia has only recently learned to embrace her skin, and has set up her own beauty business to share passion for makeup products with others.

In one photograph, Sophia can be seen with half a bare face with the other half with makeup to show the huge contrast.

Pic from Caters News 

Sophia, a bartender, said: “Looking at my face covered in red itchy sores was horrendous.

“It affects me from head to toe but I’ve only really cared about my face as that’s what everyone sees.

“My skin often cracks and bleeds which causes me so much pain but now I’ve learnt how to cover my face properly, I love doing my makeup and it gives me something to focus on.

“I decided to cover half my face in makeup and leave the other half bare as I want people to see how different I look.

Pic from Caters News 

“When I have all my makeup on it’s hard to tell there’s anything wrong.

“I decided to start sharing my pictures online over summer last year and now I’ve started it as a business.

“I’m hoping makeup brands will start allowing me to experiment with their products so I can share new tips online.”

Sophia had heard of psoriasis before her diagnosis due to some family members also having the condition.

She added: “Everyone on my dad’s side of the family has psoriasis too so they were able to help when I received my diagnosis.

“My skin gets incredibly scaly and I have been prescribed steroid cream which clears my skin but it’s only temporary, unfortunately the psoriasis is permanent and can come back at any time.”

Pic from Caters News 

Sophia revealed how her previous relationship fell apart due to her psoriasis, which damaged her confidence until recently.

She said: “My ex-boyfriend didn’t stick by me and it broke my heart at the time, he didn’t appreciate me for who I was.

“It’s been very tough, my psoriasis is visible on my body even when I try and cover it up, particularly on my hands.

“I spend the majority of my days thinking how I would cover up my psoriasis.

“I used to wear long sleeves or long trousers every single time I left the house, it’s very difficult to have people staring at you as if you’re different to them.

“My psoriasis breaks out frequently and gets worse in the winter, a lot of stress causes outbreaks too.

Pic from Caters News 

“I moisturise and create a barrier between the skin on my face and my make up to make sure the products don’t irritate my skin too much.”

Sophia has grown such a passion for makeup and special effects that she recently set up her own beauty business.

She said: “It’s difficult wearing makeup all of the time because it irritates my skin but I’ve spent so much time doing it that it’s become a huge hobby.

“I have worked as a makeup artist doing special effects before and I love doing make up because I’ve always spent so much time on it.

“I studied make up and special effects in Grimsby which encouraged me to set up my business.”

Sophia has stated how she has recently learned to embrace her skin, even though a lot of her family are ashamed of having the condition.

Pic from Caters News 

She said: “My family are embarrassed of having psoriasis but I have learnt to embrace it.

“A lot of people ask why I wear a lot of makeup but I have shared photos before on social media to show the difference in my face.

“I beg any girls who have psoriasis and cover it up with makeup to moisturise your face properly before you transform yourself.

“I hope to encourage people in a similar positon to be comfortable with their psoriasis.

“I’ve already received so much support on social media and people in a similar position always ask me how I cope through it.”