Teen founder of site that flogged women’s virginity online reveals inner world of ‘the worlds most successful escort agency’ after selling it for 44 million pounds

The teen founder of a site that flogged women’s virginity online reveals the inner world of “The World’s Most Successful Escort Agency” after selling it for 44 MILLION POUNDS (50mEUROS)

Jan Zakobielski, 19, claims over a thousand people would apply to join every day – breaking down into around 600 escorts and 400 virgins.

Cinderella Escorts hired for a range of services from high-class escorts to dominatrix work, celebrity parties, marriage and selling their virginity.

 The Romanian, who currently lives in Dortmund, Germany, claims to have had applications from pilots to teachers, soldiers, journalists, actresses, models and a ‘high-up’ German politician.
Most controversially known for women selling their virginity online, the highest earner was an American named Giselle, to an Abu Dhabi businessman for £2.1m (€2.5 million)
The site was also known for throwing celebrity parties from the UK to the USA, Australia and further Europe, where it’s claimed an escort could sleep with up to ten people in a night.
Now, Jan who started working on the site at 17-years-old went from schoolboy to a multimillionaire, planning to move to Dubai, where he will set up a sugar daddies site.
Jan, founder of Cinderella Escorts, said: “From my time at Cinderella Escorts, it was an experience also for me and I had never dreamed it would be that big before I started this project.

“As a young college student, you just think, wow 1,000 dollars pocket money and I will have a great life.


 “And of course, I was shocked than when I hit record rates for the escorts, celebrity women started to contact me to work with them and all the world was talking about my agency.
“Women could become millionaires through Cinderella Escorts or travel around the world because of their job with us.
“Some girls really needed money because of serious reasons and girls whose life changed completely from being poor to a having a life of luxury.
“I gave women the freedom to do with their body whatever they want. Women were part of this trend of emancipation that now all the world talks about.
“I am 19-years-old, have talked with people from all over the world, gained the trust of Hollywood stars and football players, fought against difficulties from a lot of sides and built the world’s most famous escort agency.


“I went from a young schoolboy to a multi-millionaire. I think it is the time in my life to leave this chapter of my life behind me. I have so much more things to explore and adventure.”
Jan decided to open an online escort site after two of his friends admitted they were going to start in the line of work.
He worked for a year on the website, where he aimed to attract clients for them, publishing Cinderella escorts at the age of 18.
Jan said: “I just wanted to make a bit money, becoming this successful was not planned.
“I really had in mind that I was comfortable just to earn thousand dollars a month.
“Imagine, I was at college, had no rent to pay as I lived at my parents’ house, I had no expenses.
High Class escorts initially started selling their bodies for between 500–1,000 Euros (439-878GBP) an hour, after three months progressing to a ‘higher tier’.
The top women he claims did not accept bookings for any less than 10,000 Euros(8.7kGBP).
Celebrity parties are arranged with 30 top escorts from playmates to international models, actresses and others.
Jan said: “We rent extravagant locations such as a big villa or even a palace.
“Then we organize a party for the top European teams from the UK, Spain and Germany.
“These parties are that popular that we are booked out until August 2018, every weekend.”

During these parties, Jan claims the girls could expect to have sex with ten people in one night.


 He said: “They join the stars by drinking champagne with them in a jacuzzi for example or having a private time with them.
“A girl can have about 10 clients in just one night at the sex parties.
“If a girl is not experienced to work with celebrities or having ten guys a night we cannot accept her for these exclusive parties.
“Of course, she has the possibility to work in a sex club upfront for a short period to become a professional sex worker and can handle that many clients.
“We can recommend her the best clubs in Europe. But next to that she has a lot of other options like being from the beginning a normal high-class escort.
“There she can date submissive clients which means she get spoiled without any sexual contact or meet a guy of our members club, rich guys who are searching for marriage and special arrangements.”
To gain access to the site’s exclusive member’s club, applicants needed a net-worth of 10 million euros (8.7mGBP), verified by a lawyer.
This gave them access to celebrity parties, where they could prospectively gain dates with ‘famous models and actresses’ looking for marriage or a boyfriend.
As well as being able to wine-and-dine women selling their virginity before deciding if they wanted to bid.
Of the thousands of applications he received a day, the women ranged from journalists to teachers and he claims one important German Politician.

Jan said: “A German politician who worked in the Houses of Parliament in Germany


 “She never worked in Germany for Cinderella Escorts, but for some rich Arabian guys who I know personally and could guarantee she would stay discreet.
“She was of course older, most people think women who are politicians don’t look good but she was hot.  In Germany it is called ‘Bundestagsabgeordnete.’”
Jan decided to sell the business after wanting a new challenge – he plans to set up a sugar daddy site and write a book based on the accounts of the virgins who used his site.
He said: “Cinderella Escorts is known as the most exclusive agency worldwide. There is nothing to achieve anymore. The agency has the richest and most well-known clients.
“It is called the number one agency and it is listed in the number one newspapers in the world. It started to be boring and just a business.
“But at the beginning it was an adventure always to reach new goals. I want to have this feeling back with new projects and I hope I will have the same success with my new projects.”
He believes laws should be loosened around women having the right to sell their bodies and hopes the publicity from his site brings about a conversation.
Jan said: “A lot of the women who worked for Cinderella Escorts enjoyed the time. Travelling around in private jets, sunbathing on luxury yachts and meeting Hollywood Stars.
“I think we need to strictly divide between someone who needs to become an escort and someone who loves luxury.
“I don’t think anywhere in the world should forbid someone to decide what you do with your body.
“Making laws that prohibit someone from doing what she wants to do with her body is absolutely shocking and backward.
“If women want to become an escort just for a luxurious life I am absolutely fine with it and everybody should be.
“To prohibit that people are allowed to have sex for money or sell their virginity doesn’t stop the desire of the girls.
“It just leads that women into a dangerous black market and turn them into criminals, which they actually aren’t. They are just women with a free will.
“But if she does it because she needs to, this is something where politicians really should act to change the situation.
“These women just want a normal job and good education, but in their countries they may not have the opportunity for it.

“I am 100 % sure if the Governments would make some changes in topics like education, Cinderella Escorts would have at least 60% less applications.”


An older high-up politician in Germany
The journalists who claimed to work for BILD, Los Angeles Post and New York Times
An American Airlines Pilot
A judge and several lawyers
Around 40 teachers from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Italy and Brazil
Two soldiers from American Airforce
Numerous Hollywood actresses
Numerous international models
Giselle, from the USA, sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for €2.5 million (2.1mGBP)
Jasmin, from the UK, sold her virginity to a famous Hollywood Actor for €1.2 million (1mGBP)
Jasmine, from Paris, sold her virginity to an older Russian-businessman for €1.2 million (1mGBP)
Lolita, from Russia, sold her virginity to an older Russian-businessman for €700,000 (600kGBP)
Ariana, from Russia, sold her virginity to a Russian-businessman for €250,000 (218kGBP)