Swing low! Mum who got stuck in swing sheds a staggering 14 stone

A mum-of-one has lost a staggering FOURTEEN STONE after getting stuck in a swing.

Louise Lister, 41, weighed a staggering 27 stone and was wearing a massive size 36 this time 18 months ago but after getting stuck in a swing while taking her daughter to the park she vowed to change her ways.

Yummy mummy Louise, from Workington, Cumbria has shed a massive 14 STONE and is now loving her new svelte size 12-14 frame.

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Louise Lister, 41, weighed a staggering 27 stone

Super slimmer Louise said: “Being the weight I was I always worried about breaking things and when I sat on the swing I could feel I was stuck- the chains were painfully digging into my sides and I was panicking that it would break.

“It was so embarrassing. I knew I had to do something about my weight. I didn’t like being in pain from all the weight I was carrying around- I used to suffer terribly with my joints and back.

“The simplest of tasks made me out of breath and I wanted to be an active mum for my daughter Megan.”

Louise embarked on a radical diet overhaul, swapping her usual fish and chip dinner for home cooked Slimming World meals such as chilli con carne and chicken salads.

What Louise, pictured with her family, looks like now

What Louise, pictured with her family, looks like now

Louise said: “As soon as the weight started coming off I immediately felt better. I had so much more energy and was determined to keep going with it.”

Through her sheer hard work and determination Louise has now managed to shed just under half her body weight in just under two years.

Louise said: “I am so pleased to finally be able to wear the clothes I want to- not just clothes from specialist plus sized shops.

“It was so hard for me to find anything that fitted at a size 36.

“I brushed it off and tried to pretend that my weight wasn’t an issue but looking back now I am so glad I decided to lose the weight and become the healthy active mum my daughter deserves.”

Healthy Louise now works out five days a week and loves Kettlercise and circuits.

Louise uses her story to help inspire other women in her job as a Slimming World consultant. She said: “I love exercise now and I can’t believe how much fun I find working out. A year ago I couldn’t get off the sofa without getting out of breath but now I’m doing circuits.

“I want everyone who wants to lose weight to realise how much Slimming World can change your life. It is such a healthy and effective way of losing weight.

“My husband has even lost 10 stone as well, just by eating my healthy home cooked meals. It’s been fantastic.”

Louise’s diet before:


LUNCH: Crisps, chocolate, pie and chips

DINNER: Takeaway fish and chips, Mc Donald’s, Chinese

Louise’s diet after:

BREAKFAST: Porridge or weetabix or yoghurt and fruit

LUNCH: Chicken salad, jacket potato with beans, salad

DINNER: Chilli con carne, steak and Slimming World chips