Supermum – Fitness mum works out surrounded by three young kids 

This is the true meaning of CrossFit – as a mum tries not to lose her cool during her workout with three toddlers running amok.

Rosie Caston, 33, filmed herself trying to complete a home workout while her little kids James, four, Isla Rose, three, and 18-month-old Joseph charged around the room.


Adding to her training’s toughness, the mum is forced to move her kids from under her feet and even lift them up like extra weights while she completes some of her exercises.

Health and fitness coach Rosie shot the video at her home in Long Island, New York, to show how exercising with three toddlers is just about possible.

However, she admits she prefers 5am workouts so she can get some time to herself before her chaotic day with her kids begins.

Rosie said: “It’s tough just trying to live with three toddlers around me, let alone working out.


“I do love my workouts at 5am before everyone else is awake.

“I set some time apart to workout, pray, read and set my intentions for the day ahead.

“While working out with toddlers isn’t always easy and I may not get as good of a workout in, there are other benefits.

“It is an opportunity for my children to witness good, healthy habits. And that is priceless because it is a legacy I can pass on to them.


“As parents, we have the opportunity to be the very first educators of our children, so I see those crazy workouts with toddlers all around me as a blessing, even amidst wanting to sometimes throw in the towel because they can be exhausting!

“I’ve exercise all my life in different ways. I’ve done yoga, had friends give me programmes to follow at the gym, and done my own thing here and there.

“It had never clicked before like it has now, because I have a strong purpose behind it as I want to set a good example for my children and other women.”

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