Stunning woman drops 11 stone for dream wedding after vowing to never buy a plus size gown

A stunning woman has dropped 11 stone for her dream wedding after vowing to never buy a plus size gown.

Allise Shapiro, 31, had dreamt of her big white wedding since she was a little girl but knew it was impossible while weighing 23 stone and wearing a dress size 22.

And after a lifetime of binging on crisps, chocolate and fast food, Allise finally decided to ditch her unhealthy habits to kick-start a new life for herself.

It took seven months for Allise to drop an impressive 11 stone and after meeting her partner Daniel, 34, the pair tied the knot last year.

Allise, who bought a dress size 10 for her big day, couldn’t be happier with her wedding photos and had the best day of her life.

Now, half the weight she once was, Allise is sharing her story to inspire others to sign up to Cambridge Weight Plan.

Allise, from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, said: “I would binge every evening on crisps, chocolate, fast food and I’d never know when to stop.

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“I’d always wanted to get married but I knew I’d never have the confidence to go dress shopping at 23 stone.

“I had to ask for a seatbelt extension when I went on holiday and it wasn’t until I returned in 2015 that I realised I needed to change my ways.

“It took seven months to lose the weight while following Cambridge Weight Plan and not long after that I met my partner, Daniel.

“We were childhood friends and it wasn’t long before we were engaged and had booked our wedding.

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“People thought we were mad as we’d only known each other for three months but I knew Daniel was ‘the one’ and I didn’t have my weight holding me back.

“I opted for a fitted dress, something I never imagined I’d be able to wear, it was a size 10 on the top and a 12 on the bottom.

“It was the best day of our lives and it lived up to all expectations I’d ever had.

“We had 200 guests at our wedding and they were really proud and happy for me losing so much weight.

“I looked like a completely different person and loved being able to show off all of my hard work.

Pics from Caters News

“We honeymooned afterwards for 12 days in the Dominican Republic and this time I didn’t need to ask for a seatbelt extension.”

Allise is sharing her story in the hope that it inspires other people to kick-start their weight loss journeys.

She added: “I had been overweight and unhappy for years but if I can manage to lose 11 stone than anyone can do it.

“Cambridge Weight Plan is really easy to follow and I’ve never looked or felt so amazing.”


Breakfast – nothing

Lunch – tuna mayonnaise baguette, with crisps, chocolate and full-fat fizzy drink

Dinner – pizza, Indian takeaway

Snacks – crisps, chocolate, packets of biscuits


Breakfast – porridge or banana

Lunch – Cambridge Weight Plan shake/chicken salad

Dinner – stir fry/salmon fillet with new potatoes and salad

Snacks –  rice cakes / fruit / yogurt