Stunning teenager branded ‘monster’ for 6ft 7inch height defies bullies to become model

By Mollie Mansfield

A stunning teenager – who was branded a ‘monster’ for being 6ft 7inch tall –  has defied the bullies to become a model.

Aeva Andersson, 19, has battled years of relentless comments for being the tallest person at her school.

Standing at over 6ft while wearing heels, Aeva’s confidence took a further hit when she was told she was ‘plus-sized’ due to her height and being a size 10, aged 13.

But despite regularly being called a ‘monster’ by her peers , Aeva refused to let her dream slip away.


Now Aeva, who is 6ft 2inch without heels and a size 12, has signed to Models of Diversity and is now revelling in her height by regularly taking part in photoshoots and catwalks.

Aeva, from County Donegal, Ireland, said: “I had always been ridiculously tall growing up – I was the giraffe in all of the school photos.

“And throughout my school years I would get called a monster and told that I scared off the boys because of my height.

“I was labelled as plus size by a modelling company too because of my size, so that shattered my confidence even further.

“But I had always wanted to be a model since I can remember, so I knew I couldn’t let people get me down and had to keep going.

“Now I’m working with massive brands to advertise their clothes and taking part in catwalks – suddenly I’m not a monster anymore!”


After being she would struggle to find work by an agency at just 13-years-old, Aeva thought that her dream of becoming a model was over.

And her confidence continued to decline as the means comments got worse both in and out of school.

She said: “When I was initially told I’d struggle to find work, it broke my heart, and I kept on getting knocked back because of my height.

“On top of that, every day when I would go to school I would overhear comments for my height – I was taller than everyone; the boys, girls and teachers.

“I was never asked to dances because of how tall I was and would constantly scare off the boys, which resulted in me being single for the entirety of my teens.

“And whenever I would go on a night out in heels I would continually be called a monster by people, because I towered over everyone.”


However, now, Aeva is defying the bullies who called her names and didn’t believe in her by modelling for top high street brands.

On top of that, she continues to wear her heels with pride and has secured herself a boyfriend who loves her despite her height.

She said: “Patience was a virtue, and I’m glad I never gave up my hopes of becoming a model.

“I was signed to Models of Diversity because my height made me so different, and now I work on national projects all of the time.

“I always go out in heels, because I don’t care if I scare people off anymore – I know there’s nothing scary about my height.

“And I’ve stopped scaring the men away with my height, because I’ve finally got myself a man – who’s luckily 6ft 4inches himself.”