Stunning mum who had sex six times a day claims cancer ruined her love life and left her single

A stunning mum who used to have sex six times a day claims her hysterectomy ruined her love life and left her single – as she hasn’t been able to make love for TWO YEARS.

Jessica Shaw, 30, hasn’t had the confidence to get down and dirty since before she had the procedure in September 2017 after battling cervical cancer.

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The care worker and mum-of-four, from York, claims the cancer ended her last relationship when it limited her love life and said she has not had a partner for over a year.

And despite getting the all clear from the disease late last year, the 30-year-old is still too scared to regain her passionate former ways.

Jessica, who is also calling on women to undertake cervical cancer smear tests promptly after putting hers off for 10 months, said: “I’ve not been intimate with anyone since my hysterectomy.

“I’ve heard a lot of horror stories so that really put me off.

“Sex has always been an important part of my life.

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“I’ve always enjoyed being intimate with the people I love so not being able to have sex has been very difficult.

“There’s no doubt that my diagnosis led to the break-up of my relationship.

“I’d like to be intimate again with someone, but they’d have to be really special.”

Jessica was originally diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2017, three months after the birth of fourth child Ivy, two.

The mum visited her doctor after suffering from a bad back and feeling nauseous, and was promptly advised to have a smear test and a colonoscopy.

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But just two weeks later, she was given the crushing news she had stage three cervical cancer and told she needed a hysterectomy.

Jessica said: “After I gave birth I was still feeling really sick and had a really bad back, and had started bleeding.

“I think I had experienced some symptoms while I was pregnant.

“I’d been due a smear test but didn’t have it because I was about to have a baby.

“When doctors told me I had cancer it was terrible to find out, I really did think my life would be over.”

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After undergoing a radical hysterectomy which removed her womb and fallopian tubes in September 2017, Jessica said she still felt something wasn’t right.

She was still suffering from backache and feeling unwell and six weeks afterwards began to bleed and ended up in A&E.

Jessica was given a CT scan and emergency surgery but doctors still couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

But June 2018, she was given the devastating news that despite having a hysterectomy, doctors had missed a tumour on her cervix.

The heartbroken mum claims when she turned to her boyfriend and told him her heart-rending news, the on-and-off relationship of three years ended due to the stress of her diagnosis.

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Jessica said: “A few weeks before, my boyfriend had bought me a really nice dress to go to the races in.

“He had promised me the world and I thought he was going to support me again through this.

“But when I went to his house and told him that they had found the cancer again, he looked at me and said he couldn’t do it anymore.

“The cancer had meant we never had intercourse any more, as after I had my hysterectomy I’d read a lot of horror stories.

“The fact I was going to have to have radiotherapy meant we couldn’t have sex.

“He never said that directly but I think that had something to do with it.

“Initially, I was angry, but I don’t blame him anymore.”

Jessica, who has been single for nine months, was given the all clear from cancer in October 2018.

She is determined to live her life to the full but hasn’t had sex since due to her fear of her the impact her hysterectomy could have had.

Jessica said: “Now I’m all clear it feels great.

“I’m still scared about having sex but I think it’s really important for other cancer patients to talk about this stuff – it shouldn’t be taboo.

“I could be a single for a while, but I’m just happy to be alive.”