Stunning Make-up Artist Looks Unrecognisable After Transitioning From Male To Female

A stunning make-up artist looks unrecognisable after transforming from male to female.

Brana Alunan, 20, has been transitioning from male to female since December last year [2018].

Formally known as Brandon, Brana has always loved make-up and had racked up thousands of followers since she started her career four years ago.

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But after revealing that she wanted to transition into a female, Brana, from Blackpool, says some of her followers can’t believe she’s a trans woman.

Brana – who now looks unrecognisable – couldn’t be happier with her newfound appearance and has recently started hormone replacement.

She now hopes to undergo a breast argumentation and reassignment surgery in the future to help complete her transition.

Brana said: “I have always been a glam person who enjoyed expressing myself through make-up and experimenting outside gender norms, so my family and friends weren’t surprised when I told them I want to identify as female and begin my transition.

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“When I was at school, I would just fill my eyebrows in with pencil but now I enjoy going out in full glam as I am like a walking advertisement for my work.

“I began my career in makeup four years ago and have always used Instagram as a portfolio.

“Social media makes it so hard for people to like their natural look due to beauty standards, but I try not to compare myself to others.

“I was nervous to tell my close loved ones but also to tell my followers, I couldn’t sleep so I recorded a video 4am and uploaded it to YouTube.

“It was like I was transported to another world when I presented myself as female, everything just felt right.

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“I’m now living as a female and I couldn’t be happier that so many people say I look really feminine – it’s a journey of self-discovery.

“I often receive compliments on social media where people will repost and comment on how much they love my looks which motivates me to work even harder on my craft.

Brana – who boasts 79.5k followers on Instagram – says she’s excited about continuing with her transition into a female and will have surgery next.

She added: “The next steps for me is to get a breast augmentation and transition to female.

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“I don’t need to wear makeup or wigs to identify as female, but I do because I love the freedom of expression it gives and enjoy trying new looks plus it’s my passion 

“I am always using YouTube and Instagram to improve my skills and often practise new looks at home.

“I work in a salon and makeover about 8-10 girls over the weekend and do one to one tutorials during the week 

“My every day makeup takes about 45 mins but some of my extravagant looks can take up to three hours.

“I am currently on Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star airs on Wednesdays on BBC Three, 10am, and BBC One, 10.35pm. Which was filmed prior my transition”

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