Stunning make-up artist ditches £14,000 fake lash addiction after beating hair pulling disorder

A stunning make-up artist has ditched her £14k fake eyelash addiction after finally combating her hair pulling disorder.

Natasha Sandhu, 31, was obsessed with pulling out her own eyelashes – and after being diagnosed with a condition called trichotillomania – she felt she had no option but to disguise her bald eyes with fake lashes.

Pic by Caters News

Tugging at her lashes every night, Natasha’s eyes were swollen, red, sore and bald, something that left her distraught.

And in an attempt to disguise her disorder, Natasha was purchased four pairs of fake lashes each week at a cost of up to £6 per set for the past decade.

Natasha, from Retford, Nottinghamshire, quickly became addicted to wearing fake eyelashes and would even wear them to the gym and while in bed.


But after contacting The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee – who specialises in hypnotherapy – Natasha has finally stopped pulling out her natural lashes.

Natasha is now cured of trichotillomania for the first time since she was 16 years old.

The make-up artist added: “My naturally lashes were completely bald for years as I tugged at them every night.

“I had no other option but to wear fake lashes every day as otherwise people would’ve noticed.

“People would have assumed I was really glamorous when they saw me in the gym with a full face of make-up on but the reality was that I was just trying to hide my disorder.

“I’d battled with trichotillomania since I was 16 years old and the disorder got progressively worse as the years passed.

“By the time I was 20 years old I had hardly any lashes and resorted to buying packs of fake lashes to disguise my looks.

“Working as a make-up artist there’s always a lot of people looking at my face and focusing on my appearance which caused me be even more self-conscious about my disorder.

“People wouldn’t know by looking at me but I have suffered from both anxiety and depression.

“I never imagined that in just three hours Robert Hisee could cure my trichotillomania in one session by using his hypnotherapy techniques, he is amazing.

“I have spent so much time feeling self-conscious but for the first time since I was 20 I have ditched the daily fake lashes.

“It’s such a relief not having to worry about pulling my lashes out again and I’d recommend anyone whose going through any personal problems to contact Robert.”

Pic by Caters News

Since Natasha was 20 years old she has spent up to £24 per week on fake lashes to ensure she has enough supplies for each day.

She added: “It used to take me so much time to get ready every morning but now it’s so much easier as I don’t have to worry about my lashes.

“Now I just wear mascara, bronzer and Vaseline and everyone has commented on how much better I look.

“It has made a huge difference to my life so far and my confidence has grown massively in three months.”

The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee, said: ” When I first met Natasha it was clear to see she was very depressed and anxious about her eye lashes being pulled out.

“I had to use my own therapy unconscious mind therapy, it’s like awake hypnosis through using language and images and making associations to her unconscious mind I was able to change her beliefs and remove the feelings what caused her to pull her hair out.

“I’m so pleased she now has the confidence to leave the house with only mascara on, Natasha is a lovely girl and I’m thrilled her confidence has grown.”

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