Stunning blonde who always looked like she was burnt due to severe eczema finally has the perfect complexion

A stunning blonde who looked like she’d been BURNT due to severe eczema finally has the perfect complexion.

Pretty Girl Beats Eczema

Elena Haydon’s red and sore complexion looked like severe sun burn

Elena Haydon, 21, from Bristol, was left horrified when she woke up one day to find her face was covered in large red blotches.

Pretty Girl Beats Eczema

Thanks to a specially formulated organic cream, Elena now has a flawless complexion

The itchy red rash covered Elena’s whole face and was so sore it looked like she had burns.

Pretty Girl Beats Eczema

Elena’s skin after her recovery from the red and sore blotches

After years of taking different antibiotics and trying various steroid creams, Elena, found the perfect solution and now has flawless skin.

Pretty Girl Beats Eczema

Elena with her supportive boyfriend, Tom

Elena, a photography graduate said: “Waking up one morning to discover I looked like I’d been burnt was a teenage girl’s worst nightmare.

“I could no longer wear makeup because it was too painful and it would make the eczema flare up.

“My sore face started to take up my whole life, I found myself looking down when I spoke to people to try and hide it.

“I no longer felt ‘pretty’ and as much as I tried to fit in I never really felt like I did.

“I visited my GP and different specialists more times than I can remember but no antibiotics would work.

“Steroid creams would help for a short time but then they would start to thin my skin.

“Over three years later I’m now eczema free and no longer feel like people are staring at me.

“I finally have nice skin and have my confidence back.”

Both doctors and Elena believe the inflammation of her skin was stress related as it came when she was preparing for her A Levels.

The extreme eczema appeared most on Elena’s face, but also spread to her hands and elbows.

She said: “I lost more and more confidence every day, the eczema had a huge effect on my life.

“None of the medication prescribed to me by the doctors helped, I thought it would never go away.

“The eczema would give off a burning sensation as well, leaving my cheeks feeling incredibly warm.

“But the more angry and stressed I got, the worse the eczema became.

“People would stare at my face and ask what was wrong with my skin – I knew it looked so burnt and horrible – it was humiliating.”

Luckily Elena had great support from her boyfriend, family and friends who all helped.

She said: “I’ve been with my boyfriend Tom now for six years and he loves me with or without my sunburnt looking skin.


“When my confidence was at its lowest he would always tell me how beautiful I was and picked me straight back up again.


“My mum was so worried about me, she knew how badly it could affect me sometimes, I don’t know how I would’ve got through it all without her.”


But it was Elena’s auntie who came to her rescue after reading about a cream – known as Purepotions – in a magazine.


After further research and digging Elena decided to give the organic cream, created by Natalie Balmond, a try.


Elena said: “It was great to find someone who truly knew the pain of suffering from eczema.


“Natalie’s daughter suffered from chronic eczema so she created Purepotions which contains natural ingredients and couldn’t irritate the most sensitive of skin.


“It was magical – within just a few days my eczema started to clear up and I’ve never looked back since.


“I finally have my life back, I can go out now with my head held high with fresh looking skin.


“I want to say a huge thank you to Natalie for creating something so wonderful and life changing, it literally is my favourite possession.”